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  1. Hi, I searched the topic, but could not find it. I know that e-mail accounts use up disk space and bandwidth. I was just curious about the e-mail forwarders. Do they act the same way and use the domain's bandwidth although they would not use up disk space? Regards, Vedat Gurtan
  2. Hi Tramadius If you were to do as I do you will not even get spam mail in your spambox, they will be automatically discarded. CPanel quote; "Hint: To filter all mail that SpamAssasin has marked as spam, just choose "SpamAssassin Spam Header", "begins with", and then enter "Yes" in the box." Regards, Vedat Gurtan
  3. Hi, I am no longer getting spam since I activated spam "assasin spam header" with e-mail filtering. My spam mail is not even going to spambox, it is auotomatically discarted when you follow the below rule at Cpanel. "Hint: To filter all mail that SpamAssasin has marked as spam, just choose "SpamAssassin Spam Header", "begins with", and then enter "Yes" in the box." If I do get a spam mail once in a while, I check the e-mail properties, look for SpamAssasin marks, and figure out the points. Then I setup SpamAssasin points below what that spam mail requires. Thank you TCH, I used to get dozens of spam everyday. Rock Sign Regards, Vedat Gurtan
  4. Hi, I believe you need to submit a ticket to support using helpdesk. They should be able to send you the pasword to the e-mail address you singned up to the service with. I don't believe there is any other way. Regards, Vedat Gurtan
  5. Hi, Thanks everyone. I tried, but it didn't work with redirect, and it doesn't show the padlock under frames. Right now I will manage with shared SSL, it actually doesn't warn me when I get to the order form about the certificate. If $ 85 was only for one time fee it would be ok. But renewing the certificate every year could be costly. Best Regards, Vedat Gurtan
  6. Hi, Is there a way to setup a masked redirection using CPanel? I have been playing around unsuccesfully to setup a redirection to the shared SSL order form on my website. What I indended to do was creating a subdomain as secureorder.****, redirect it to the secure order form at TCH https://server10.TCH/~username/order.html, and only secureorder.**** would show on the browser. instead of https://server10.TCH.... Regards, Vedat Gurtan
  7. Hi, Try to reinstall the FrontPage extensions from Cpanel, that will not harm anything except if you have protected files or directories they will pe unprotected again. There are two ways that I know to create a subweb. You can either setup a subdomain subdomain.******, or using FrontPage you can create a folder under your domain name manually. With either way the directory that is just created does not automatically becomes a subdomain. When you are publishing files to the newly created foler with FrontPage it will ask you to convert the folder to a web or not, you can accept it. Or manually by right clicking the subfolder when in FrontPage you can select the option "convert to web folder" and then publish your subdomain files to the newly created web folder. I hope that helps. Regards, Vedat Gurtan
  8. Hi, Thank you everybody. I have used cutemap, and really worked great, I have a clickable map on my site now. So far I have never touched anything else other than FrontPage html. May be I should start playing with Flas/MX and some other tools available. May be I am falling behind our times. Hoops, I will correct myself, I have also used xara webstyle to do menus, headers etc. That is also a great tool, www.xara.com, you create everything graphically, it converts it to java script automatically. Best Regards, Vedat Gurtan
  9. Hi, Thank you so much!! That is exactly what I was looking for. Thumbs Up Regards, Vedat Gurtan
  10. Hi, I intend to place a US map on my web site, and when vistitors click on a certain state on the map they will see the information in a new popup window for that particular state. I found a transparent US map at Google which dosn't conflict with my background image. But placing hyperlinks from each state using FrontPage is a pain. It is possible by utilizing "absolute positioning" and placing a button for example on each state, and create a hyperlink on the buttons. But it really is painstaking process, buttons may not go where you want them to go all the time. Is there any other program or utility that will recognize each state as a separate image, or is such a map readily available anywhere? Thanks in advance.. Regards, Vedat Gurtan My Webpage
  11. I totally agree with the best website idea. Since TCH is related to hosting and websites this will be the most relevant. I needed a new PC Regards, Vedat Gurtan
  12. To my understanding that is if I wanted to keep the spam e-mail. I have alreday done that but I could not find the SpamBox with Horde. But if I were to discard all SpamAssasin e-mail I need to place the word "Yes" somewhere when adding the filter. I was not sure where "Yes" would go? which box? "Discard box" or the blank box when filtering? Regards, Vedat Gurtan ----------------------------- Add Filter Filter From Subject To Body Any Header SpamAssassin Spam Header that equals matches regex contains begins with Destination (Discard, |/home/user/email.pl, user@domain.com are all valid destinations) Hint: To filter all mail that SpamAssasin has marked as spam, just choose "SpamAssassin Spam Header", "begins with", and then enter "Yes" in the box. ---------------------------------
  13. Hi, I could not figure out how to discard e-mails that spam assasin finds them as spam. The explanation on Cpanel goes like this: --------------- Hint: To filter all mail that SpamAssasin has marked as spam, just choose "SpamAssassin Spam Header", "begins with", and then enter "Yes" in the box. --------------- I was not sure where to place "Yes" to filter the mail spam assasin finds as spam. Regards, Vedat Gurtan
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