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  1. 1. edwardselectronicprocessing.com 2. Edwards Electronic Processing - Florida's Therapy Billing Specialists 3. Edwards Electronic Processing (EEP) is a Central Florida based Medical Billing Agency serving the entire State of Florida. With its headquarters in Orlando, EEP has provided billing solutions to Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapists from independents to large groups for 14 years. What differentiates EEP from other billing agencies is experience providing solutions to our target niche of therapy providers. EEP is an expert in the therapy billing field and we fully understand the billing intricacies of your therapy practice. EEP's mission is to develop a partnership with your practice in order to streamline your operations and allow you to more efficiently provide care for your growing practice. 4. Commercial 5. Backlink here: http://www.edwardselectronicprocessing.com.../references.php Thanks! Chuck
  2. do you have an example of a site which you've implemented them on? your link looks like the product itself.
  3. hi TCHers, I've been a TCH family member for a couple years now i think, I actually came here when my old host wouldn't let me install a PHP webmail client because of "php mail vulnerabilites". unfortunately, my buddy who also wanted a family website asked me for help before my switch, so I set him up w/ the old host. Long story short is, I'm helping him now install Mambo, and the contact doesnt work, presumably because they have turned off mail() or dont have the PHPMailer class installed. Here's their point, which I dont understand: How does TCH do this? I have 100% faith in TCH's security and the personnel that put it in place (thats why I'm still here!). I'd love for my friend to make the move to TCH and thats what I'm suggesting he does, but I am just baffled by this in general and wonder if anyone w/ experience w/ this understands and can explain. Thanks in advance, Chuck
  4. i forgot a line when i copied and pasted into the window. have a look at this: http://www.chuckandmelissa.com/sound.htm ><html> <bgsound id="sound"> <script> function PlaySound(url) { document.all.sound.src = url; } </script> <body> <a href="#"><img src="images/news.jpg" onMouseOver="PlaySound('sounds/news.wav')" /></a> <br /> <a href="#"><img src="images/butters.jpg" onMouseOver="PlaySound('sounds/butters.wav')" /></a> </body> </html> no yes, it is IE specific.
  5. try something like this.... >javascript: <script> function PlaySound(url) { document.all.sound.src = url; } </script> >html: onMouseOver="PlaySound('my.wav')" good luck, chuck
  6. thanks for the reply lisa. it appears that server12 might be blacklisted, similiar to Mike described here http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...indpost&p=89600. is there a way to find out if there is a help desk ticket already opened for that? chuck
  7. TCHers- a couple of my users from my floridaspeech.com domain have been experiencing issues with sending emails to AOL accounts. the emails are sent from horde, neomail, outlook, etc... and never recieved on the AOL side. the emails are not going into the AOL spam folder. chuck
  8. hi all- i do "some freelancing", which means helping my friends with their entreprenurial idea's websites pro bono, and i occasionally land a paying contract here and there. i know my way around enough to get the jobs done, but i want to expand my horizons more. usually, when im working on a site, i will come up with mockups of the design. when i get stuck, i surf other sites and use components of several sites for inspiration. what i want to do is learn design theory to know why im choosing these components. i work full time and am getting my MBA at night, so taking some graphic design classes is most likely out for the time being. I am open to taking classes in the future though. For now, I would love to hear some feedback on good books or websites that provide insight into the following topics: 1) Graphic Design/Layout Theory 2) Color Theory 3) User Habit Patterns 4) Font Design 5) Non-Web Design (Business Cards, Brochures, etc...) 6) Logo Design Thanks in advance! Chuck
  9. cool thanks... someone smarter than me came up with it, so im done asking questions! chuck
  10. cool, thats fine - but how come the usernames are now randomly generated instead of the truncated domain name? vulgar names could still be monitored that way, no? thanks for the quick reply, chuck
  11. hi - i'm helping a friend set up his new TCH starter plan account. when i set up my account, my username was set to the first 7 letters of my domain name. when we did my friend's just now, the email said his username was some random collection of 7 letters, not very easy to remember. is there a way to change that to an easier name? thanks, chuck
  12. Hi all- I was checking out the awstats on one of my sites, and i checked out the 404 pages not found data that was listed. Here's what i found... URL (9) Error Hits Referers /cgi-bin/formmail.pl 1 http://www.[myurl].com/ /cgi-bin/formmail.cgi 1 http://www.[myurl].com/ /cgi-bin/FormMail.cgi 1 http://www.[myurl].com/ /cgi-bin/FormMail.pl 1 http://www.[myurl].com/ i dont use formmail on my site, primarily because i have heard things about it not being secure. am i seeing that someone tried to exploit formmail's security hole(s) by guessing that it was on my website? thanks for any feedback! chuck
  13. wow hard to imagine noone mentioned photoshop and only one person mentioned fireworks. (when not using CSS/tableless) i use fireworks to develop all my graphic content, and then export the html markup into dreamweaver. works like a champ. i use macromedia studio MX, havent upgraded to 2004 yet. i want to get the adobe suite w/ my educational discount and learn that as well. when i code, sometimes use dreamweaver, but most the time i use good ol' vi. chuck
  14. 2 good resources: http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ and http://www.identifont.com/identify.html good luck chuck
  15. cool, thanks for the quick reply... chuck
  16. is JSP installed on our servers? thanks, chuck
  17. thanks lianna for the quicky reply. i have emailed bill personally. i foolishly ran over my bandwidth on an account, so i needed to update the allottment in WHM, and it reset my previously allowed Jailshell access. i love TCH, but this might make me investigate elsewhere........ chuck
  18. there was some talk about establishing a "Developer's Package" for those who need shell access, after the Jailshell option was removed. any news? (please say yes) thanks, chuck
  19. its was hypothetical.......... sorry i wasnt more clear. its all good now. chuck
  20. cool thanks, i'll hold my horses for a couple days... chuck
  21. also, to make it weirder, my buddy sees the opposite... the URL is [edit: poster removed URL - there's some adult jokes and such on the site] can anyone get it to work with or without the www? thanks chuck
  22. i thought when we set up a new account, cpanel/whm automatically sets up the "www" subdomain to link to the index page. is there some step i forgot to do? i also just registered it yesterday and it just propogated like within the past 30 mins or so. i can go to http://**** but ***** does not come up. thanks! chuck
  23. post your php code here. maybe someone was trying to use your form and put in an invalid email address as their own. do you have an autoresponder on there? if so, an invalid email address would come back to you as undeliverable. chuck
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