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  1. Thomas- I didn't mean specifically for my account, but for TCH in general. I would think that this is a common issue and everyone would like to see the answer, as opposed to it being locked away in my help desk tickets. Is there a way to get a formal response rather than me going over there and posting the answer back here? Also, one follow up question - If i transition my account over to Gmail, the minute the MX records are updated, all new emails to be directed to those servers. However, what about any old emails? Can we still login the TCH webmail and retrieve emails delivered
  2. i'm also having issues w/ squirrel mail on server 12: Internal Server Error Unable to open engine binary (php) at cpsrvd-ssl.pl line 4505 main::phpHandler() called at cpsrvd-ssl.pl line 3387 main::dodoc_webmaild() called at cpsrvd-ssl.pl line 633 main::dodoc() called at cpsrvd-ssl.pl line 539 cpsrvd/10.9.6 Server at chuckandmelissa.com
  3. i'm finally getting around to doing this, but now this restore thing has me worried. TCH - is there something that can be done to your automated server restore process that reloads the MX records without customer request? thanks, chuck
  4. Google is advertising a new service that allows you to use gmail as your webmail backend. For me, that seems like a no-brainer because they offer 2GB of storage per email account. Gone are the days that I have to monitor my wife's contractors to make sure they didn't email a huge spreadsheet around (or a bunch of vacation photos). However, I realize that this is something that needs some technical setup, and I wanted to make sure that TCH supported such a practice. I'm testing the migration on my sandbox account (www.chuckmalani.com) first. I've requested a new CNAME DNS entry for gmail.ch
  5. Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, there are several reasons stopping me from going the routes advised. Bottom line, I'm done doing freelance contracts, so I want to end all services. This would just be one more thing for me to manage and potentially forget. Thanks, Chuck
  6. I'm helping a business get their site redesigned and live on the web. I've recommended them to use your services because I have been using you guys for years and am extremely satisfied. They have the following: a website a domain name, which I registered for them I will be installing the site for them, but after that, they will be managing it themselves. There shouldn't be changes to the website itself, but I'm concerned about the domain name renewals every year, as I plan on transferring the ownership to them once the redesign is complete. I'm afraid they may forget or disregard
  7. i helped some friends set up a mambo community website. they are up and going now and get new users every now and then. my account is set up as a super administrator so that i can log in and help if they have technical issues in the future. however, there is something in mambo that sends registration emails to ALL admins, so i'm getting emails requesting accounts or whatever. so i set up my mambo email to be a new email account in the cpanel. is there a way to get that email inbox to auto-purge to /dev/null (or similiar)? i dont want to put in a bogus email because i dont know if that
  8. I had a similiar issue and I installed PHPMailer. You can find it here: http://phpmailer.sourceforge.net/ Its not a contact form, but a php class, that you can use on the backend of your existing forms rather than use the php mail() function. So, if you have sites that have custom forms and you were using the mail() function in the form's action (like i was...) then this is a suitable solution. Many programs use the PHPMailer class (Mambo for instance...) and there is a great tutorial on phpfreaks.com: http://www.phpfreaks.com/tutorials/130/0.php Good luck... Chuck
  9. I use it mainly for not having to add menus and other "one time" stuff more than once. Then a iframe comes in handy if usual frames doesn´t look good. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i agree that the implementations of iframes that i have seen tend to look much nicer than frames. what i still dont see is why seperate parent and iframe html files would be appropriate for content specific to a single page. in the example of the pixie pixel website, she has her index.htm with all of her navigation template markup, and then she is including the frame for the content. why not just put
  10. but why use an iframe in the first place? am im missing something?
  11. thats really weird man, i'd say open a help desk ticket, they might be able to see something behind the scenes w/ your apache settings or whatever that we can't from the web... good luck! chuck
  12. additionally, you may want to check this out for a cleaner navigation solution: Listamatic: Fat Erik 5s Simple Pipe List: chuck
  13. off the top of my head i have no clue, but in looking at your source, "links" is slightly different... you have: ><td><a href="/funny">Funny</a></td> while the rest of the link locations have a trailing "/": ><td><font color="#FFFFCC"><a href="/photos/">Photos</a></font></td> maybe try that? not sure... chuck
  14. yep, it helped me. thing is, i had gallery installed already. now i went to upload some pics for the first time in a while, and it seems that ImageMagick was moved from /usr/bin to /usr/local/bin did anything else get moved around? i'm on server 12. thanks chuck
  15. hi all- i do freelance design, but i am completely unqualified to do any search engine stuff. i optimise pages w/ css design and other good SEO principals, but i dont sell marketing services or promise placement. a client of mine is immediately asking me why he's not in google. i explained the whole process to him and said i could ask around for a good marketer/marketing company. he's found someone that will promise him "top ten in search engines" using some special "software". i find that hard to believe, especially since the web is a big big place and what if 11 people using the
  16. you mentioned in another thread about an expert SEO forum. can you direct me to where that was? thanks... chuck
  17. a client is getting the following message bounced back when sending an email. looks to me like interface between the 2 servers isn't working. can anyone tell me if its TCH or the other host? Thanks in advance... Chuck
  18. i have a question about blacklisting... since it appears that Bill has been working w/ AOL on this, does this mean that they will "unblacklist" us once TCH has put in place steps to remove all AOL forwarders and disable all automatic AOL forwards from happenings again? did AOL give us any time estimate as to how long any blacklist would be in effect and on which servers? we've been experiencing issues when sending emails to AOL (from server12 webmail). i'm going to open a ticket, if simply for documentation purposes, but i need to get more info from my customer. thanks again fo
  19. AOL allows viewing email via IMAP, so you can configure email clients (i tried w/ Thunderbird and it worked!). I always shyed away from email clients, but now that i have thunderbird, i love it! anyways - here's how you do it... (1) get your favorite email client (try thunderbird! - http://www.mozilla.org/products/thunderbird/) (2) set up an account that points to the AOL mail using their Open Mail (http://help.channels.aol.com/article.adp?c...rticleId=217449) (3) read email but - if theyve come all this way, they might as well kill the AOL forwarder and set up multiple accou
  20. cool - both good ideas ill test em out on smaller email accounts and reply back which method is best! thanks chuck
  21. hey all- trying to move from horde to thunderbird, primarily because we dont want to waste the server space w/ old emails. i can get thunderbird set up to get incoming and send outgoing emails. but i cannot figure out how to get thunderbird to see my old folders, like "sent-mail", "sent-mail-jun-2004", etc... anyone have any luck w/ this? thanks in advance! chuck
  22. 1. edwardselectronicprocessing.com 2. Edwards Electronic Processing - Florida's Therapy Billing Specialists 3. (69 now... sorry) Edwards Electronic Processing (EEP) is a Central Florida based Medical Billing Agency serving the entire State of Florida. Based in Orlando, EEP has provided expert billing solutions to Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapists from independents to large groups for 14 years. EEP's mission is to develop a partnership with your practice in order to streamline your operations and allow you to more efficiently provide care for your growing practice. 4. Co
  23. 1. floridaspeech.com 2. Florida Speech & Language Pathology Inc. 3. (82 words now... sorry) Our mission at Florida Speech-Language Pathology, Inc. is to provide the highest quality, professional speech and language therapy services to all clients in an individualized and family-centered manner. We focus on functional need for each client, and provide therapy in natural communication environments, such as a home, school, child-care center, or adult workshops as well as our office. We offer a variety of services, ranging from childhood speech and language therapy, to Augmentative and
  24. 1. http://www.chuckmalani.com 2. chuckmalani.com - web design & development in orlando 3. chuckmalani.com - web design & development in orlando 4. Commercial 5. Backlink here: http://www.chuckmalani.com/portfolio.php
  25. 1. floridaspeech.com 2. Florida Speech & Language Pathology Inc. 3. Our mission at Florida Speech-Language Pathology, Inc. is to provide the highest quality, professional speech and language therapy services to all clients in an individualized and family-centered manner. We focus on functional need for each client, and provide therapy in natural communication environments, such as a home, school, child-care center, or adult workshops as well as our office. At Florida Speech-Language Pathology, Inc. we view the ability to communicate our thoughts, needs, ideas, wants, and feelings a
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