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    The <pre> tag marks the text as "preformatted" -- all the spaces and carriage returns are rendered exactly as you type them. I used them on that page to keep the format of the code in each column instead of using a <br /> after each line.
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    Mike, Try this 3 col. with header and footer layout. It works in ie6, firefox and opera. http://www.cmg02.com/css/3column.htm
  3. If Dick is going to delete Roberts first post (post#2 which would make this post #41) shouldn't all of Roberts post be deleted. Since Robert has 4 post that would make this post#38.
  4. Test your reflexes http://www.happyhub.com/network/reflex/
  5. Good luck Jim. Keep your head down just in case mother nature decides to pull some tricks of its own.
  6. I don't know if I will be in Baton Rouge for Rita. I'm trying to decide if I want to leave and right now YES is a little higher up the list than NO. If Rita hits Galveston thats about 240 miles and Kitrina hit near Biloxi which is about 125 miles. But as you said Rita will hit to the east. I'm a little more nervous this time. If Rita turns just a little more north than predicted it will be time to Put MY Head Between MY Knees and Kiss My something Goodbye.
  7. My thoughts and prayers are with you Jim. Good luck and stay safe.
  8. Maybe I should clarify my last post a little. When I said I get the .js error on every page it has shown up for evey page but not every page on every visit. When someone visits the site, according to the error log, I have 1 .js error regardless of how many pages the visitor views. I hope this doesn't sound as confusing to you as it does to me.
  9. I'm about the same as Blackcat. 2 databases, 1 for a guestbook and 1 for site search. 150 pages that use no db- all getting the .js errors. I am far from being an expert on db's but I did look thru both and found nothing that looked suspicious. The site is on server 60.
  10. Blackcat, Did you find a fix or the source of the .js error problem? Yesterday I tried changing some code on my index.html page to see if that would have any effect. I then tried to validate the page but the validator said I had a javascript before the DOC TYPE. I looked at the page source but didn't see any javascript. Again I tried to validate and the page validated with no problem. If you or anyone has suggestions I'm open to trying most anything.
  11. Well I did start getting all these .js errors back in August. I don't check the stats for this site very often. I don't have any authenticated user for August or September. I went thru my site paga by page looking at the source code and could find no reference to any .js file. I have Viper guestbook installed and thought it may be the problem so I disabled it but continued to receive the errors. I am about at a loss of what to do next.
  12. Blackcat, in your awstats under 404 errors, is this what you are getting? I am not using phpbb or any other forum or blog. I started getting all these 404 .js errors about a week ago.
  13. Congrats to Billy and to the proud dad.
  14. Very sorry to hear of your loss Andy. My condolences to you and your family.
  15. I lost power about 9am and just got a generator setup. My electric supplier said it could take them 2 to 3 days or a couple of weeks to get everyones power back on depending... What kind of answer is that? Is it days or weeks? Anyway my family and I are all safe and sound. I lost my patio cover, my workshop(a tree fell on it) and about half the shingles on my house. I feel very lucky that's all I lost. Thanks to all of you for your concern for me.
  16. Katrina is now down to a cat 4 and moving more to the east than expected. I don't know how I still have power because I am hearing transformers blowing all around. Winds are fairly powerful and lots of rain. I can see a large oak tree down on a house half a block from me. I'll try to check in later but as of now, 7:25am, we are doing ok.
  17. We started getting rain about 5pm. By my little backyard weather center we've had about 2in of rain and wind gust of 25-28mph as of 9pm. I have some zzzzzz's hiding around here somewhere and I'm going to see if I can find them. Thanks for the good thoughts everyone. I'll post again tomorrow. Good Night all
  18. Thanks Sam, I've gone thru several cat 4's but this will be my first cat 5. My son and his grilfriend showed up here about an hour ago, said my house is safer than his. I now have 3 BIG packs of Oreo's and a gal. of chocolate milk, if that's not prepared I don't know what is.
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