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  1. Evel Knievel passed on today at age 69. I will never forget his attempt at jumping over Snake River Canyon in Idaho, nor his jumping over 13 buses in Wembley Stadium, nor any of his other daredevil stunts shown on ABC's Wide World of Sports. He was (and still is, IMO) an American icon for anyone that grew up in the 70s. I still remember my happiness that Christmas morning when I woke up to see that Santa had left me the Evel Knievel stunt cyle!!! And of course I won't forget the sadness I felt after I broke it. I guess jumping it off the roof of a two-story house wasn't such a good idea after all. Rest in Peace Evel, and give 'em Hell in Heaven!
  2. Mkay, just finished going through the relatively painless transfer process. Now I'm just waiting for Melbourne to send my authorization code. Thanks again! It's good to be back!
  3. I'm going to be returning to TCH very soon but had a question first, concerning transferring a domain. Back last year(?) some time, I joined the MS Office Live Basic beta and got a free domain name. I decided that I wasn't going to renew once the free beta became a pay product, and therefore my domain name expired last month. However, it was still locked by the registrar, and I would like to transfer it over here when I set up my new hosting. Through email, I finally received confirmation from my registrar that the transfer lock has been lifted, so I can transfer it over to TCH. My question is this, however. Since the domain is expired, I will have to pay the $11 for it here. When I set up my hosting account, will I just pay that at that time, or do I need to pay for it before setting up my account? I just checked on the domain page and it is not available for purchase, so I'm thinking that I'll just pay TCH along with my hosting fees when I go through the domain transfer process. Is that correct?
  4. bizmo

    Index Page Issue

    Good to know! Thanks!
  5. I've been using Thunderbird for about 8 or 9 months now. I like the look of it, and also like how configurable it is. The only thing that I really used Outlook for was the calendar, but I've just d/l Sunbird and am going to give that a go.
  6. bizmo

    Index Page Issue

    Out of curiosity, if you do happen to have both in there, which takes precedence, the .htm or the .html? I was just thinking what would the browser use between the .htm vs. .html....I'm guessing .html, but I don't know.
  7. bizmo

    Index Page Issue

    Yes, as Thomas suggested, you probably just need to delete your temporary internet files cache and reload the page. You've done exactly what you need to do to update the index file. One quick thing to make sure of though (I'm sure you already did, however); make sure you are updating the index file in the correct directory if you have any subdirectories with index files in your site. I found that sometimes with FP I've uploaded files into the wrong folder. Never mind, I type too slowly, lol.
  8. bizmo

    FP Publishing

    Try leaving out the www part. Rather than 'http://www.lisafrase.com' try 'http://lisafrase.com' I had that problem with my site, although I use FP 2003, so I can't say for sure that it will work, but it's worth a shot.
  9. Thanks! Now at least I know I am not crazy, LOL.
  10. I apologize if this has been posted here already. I know I saw it somewhere here, but I did a search and couldn't find it. Anyways, a very nifty little tool for Firefox is the Web Developer Toolbar extension. The best feature is being able to edit CSS and see the results instantly in your browser. Again, sorry if this is a repeat, but hey, if it is, it's worth repeating.
  11. Okay, great! Thanks for the info!
  12. I'm curious; if I disable my FP extensions, will those proprietary folders be automatically deleted, or will I have to do that manually? I'm in the process of switching my site and the one that I manage to all CSS layouts with external stylesheets and will want to tidy up my files once I complete the switch.
  13. AHHH...well thank you for that! I never thought of that. That's why I love it here!
  14. I built a pretty simple site for a friend, to use as a chatroom in a chat program. I laid it out using CSS, and both my CSS and HTML have validated perfectly. I checked it in both IE6 and FF 1.0.4, using various browser sizes. I have also checked it on my different computers, resetting the resolutions on each. The page has rendered exactly as I planned. I have asked others to check it out on their machines, and they have said that it looks fine. However, the person for whom I made the page can't say the same. She says that the two bottom text blocks are on top of each other, and the font is super big. Plus the hr on the bottom (which is an image) goes through the center of them as well. I've had her clear her IE cache and reload, but to no avail. She says that this is the only site that she has problems viewing. I am at a complete loss. I really think it's an issue with her browser rather than the site, but if anyone can help shed some light, it would be much appreciated. The url is http://jade-isle.com
  15. Good advice. When I first signed up, even though I used my ISP email addy, the welcome emails and whatnot went to my Bulk email box because it was filtered out. Once I added them to my address book they come to my inbox.
  16. I also use FrontPage for my site, and have no problems editing and publishing my PHP files. The key is that when you make an edit, Save, but don't close the file once you have edited it. Then publish, and see if you get the desired results. If not, or if your site breaks (as mine has many times, lol) then you simply hit the Undo button to undo all the changes that you made, republish, and the site is working again. Just remember not to close the file/page until it is working as you want it to.
  17. I can't even get rid of my 50 damn invites (they keep replenishing) and now they up my space that I'll never come close to touching??? Sheesh.
  18. Another workaround could be to set up an FTP user account for your client. I work with GIS and often have very large map files that I need to get to/from a particular client. I set up an FTP site, give the client the UID and password, and then whenever there is a large file involved, I simply send a quick note (or recieve a quick note) in email, then download/upload the file(s). Once they have been transferred, they can be deleted, freeing up space.
  19. you can also create a .htaccess file and have it point to whatever index file that you want to be the index file. Redirect /index.html http://domain.com/index.php
  20. One note on the 'www' part of the URL. I found that on my phpBB, I was having users complain that they weren't staying logged in and that new posts icons weren't working correctly. This was due to the fact that my cookie was set without the www ( domain.net ) and the links I was using and giving out had the 'www' in the URL. I don't know how the Invision board works, but just something to keep in mind. When I changed my links to leave out the 'www' then all works fine. As another note, it was not recommended to add the 'www' into the cookie domain. Evidently phpBB doesn't like that.
  21. 1. http://bizmo.net 2. Bizmo's Home 3. A little peek into the world of bizmo; complete with forums. 4. Personal site, not a blog 5. Link is on home page of site, bottom left under counter. Also there is a link on the main portal index of my forums.
  22. Please add Bizmo's Home to the family listings. I also have a link on the portal index of My Forums.
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