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  1. Thanks for the info., Mike. Not only have I gotten e-mails just like the one you received, I also received a few from PayPal (an eBay Company). Here's a few tips if you are unclear if the e-mail is actually from PayPal:
  2. I've had mine for about a year, and had absolutely no problems with it.
  3. Take off your shoes. Pixels ______
  4. I just took a look at both of the tutorials -- both are very good, and easy to understand.
  5. GMTA = Great minds think alike.
  6. Please turn off all cell phones. Thank you ______
  7. FWIW - For what it's worth.
  8. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.
  9. That's correct, Rob. You can call me Phil/Walter -- whichever is most convenient for you. Since it's so hot here, I think I'll take a swim in the water.
  10. And yes, you're correct. Most of what we're posting here are acronyms, not abbreviations -- but it's okay! DQMOT - Don't quote me on this.
  11. Floss Daily. Web ______
  12. That's correct, Rob. Once you select the plan you want, there is a link on the top that says 'Click here to purchase a domain name!'. As Rob said, it would be a good idea to register for a domain first, then order the hosting.
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