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  1. Try our forums at 2CPU, we're all geeks there
  2. Does XP connection sharing incude a proxy perhaps? It's a shot in the dark, I don't use XP.
  3. Maybe you could use something like m0n0wall or ClarkConnect to be DSL router. They are easy to install and configure. Add a DVD burner and you got cheap backup as well. edit: those are great firewalls as well, I wouldn't connect to the internet for a second without one.
  4. HT is Intel's poor man's version of two logical cpu's in one physical.It's kinda hit and miss though, sometimes it works, sometimes it will slow down whatever you're doing. If I were to buy/build a high-end multimedia workstation today I would go for dual xeons. Nothing beats 2 physical cpu's if your os/apps support it
  5. Where did you get that from? DW is great, I use it for html/php stuff and I use textpad for php only.
  6. Using ClamAV with other (non-free) on my mailserver.
  7. Im using SecureFX for windows and FTP(1) for Linux
  8. Well, after looking at my iptables setup for a couple of hours I got the bright idea of trying to connect from another computer, and, of course it work'd... Sigh, will I ever learn not to mess with this stuff late at night.. Steinar.
  9. Hm, looking at my firewall: High Ports (1024:65535 outbound, inbound if related to an outbound connection) are (should be) allowed, as I didn't close them. I can access cpanel at 2082 but not the others. I'll look into my firewall docs, thanks again. Steinar.
  10. Thanks TCH-MikeJ, fast reply Looks like everything outbound is allowed from my firewall only: >[rennemo@myfirewall rennemo]$ telnet mydomain 2083 Trying xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx... Connected to mydomain . Escape character is '^]'. My windows pc's don't get any reply. I guess that why I can't connect to webmail as well Steinar.
  11. Hi all, I just got here, looks good so far When I try accessing https://mydomain:2083/ I get >The following error was encountered: Access Denied. Access control configuration prevents your request from being a Do I have to open this port in my firewall? As far as I know, everything outbound is allowed except port81 (for beagle and friends.) I'll look around the forums and see if I can find anything about it. Also, I am going to develop a site with a few others, is there possible to password protect the www (~/home/www)root dir? Maybe I need to manually edit the .htaccess there? Steinar.
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