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  1. Hi all, I am considering and wondering if it is possible to move the websites in my reseller account to their own TCH account. Is there a easy way to do this? Two of the websites are wordpress sites with their MySql database. I am dreading moving each one manually.
  2. Thanks Glenn and Raul. I believe I understand this now. Again, thanks for your help. Bob
  3. Good News. I started a job ticket with TCH and got a reply back from tech support: You get this message because you are accessing https://domain:2083. This is for encryption and data secureity. This is not a trusted certificate and hence you receive a warning message . There is no problem in accepting this . This will also provide you 128 bit ecryption and there by you can access cpanel securely via internet.
  4. Allan, I can bypass the warning by selecting tempopary or permently accepting the the cert. I am concern about this as I this is a reseller account and the first thing I will need to do is change my password as instucted by the setup instruction sent by TCH. If this is a breach of security, I will have just given someone free access to my sites. Note: I do think this is probably nothing to be ccncern about it. Just would be more comfortable if someone from TCH would say something about it.
  5. Could this be because I am using Morzilla Firebird .7 and this cert is not recognized by this browser.... Come to think of it, I will try it in IE now. ... I just tried the CPanel in IE and for the most part I have got the same type of warning message with this browser too.
  6. I have attached the warning I recieve below. To add a little more information to this now that I am learning that his is not normal, I live in Thailand and manage an Internet Cafe running a windows 2000 server network.
  7. Based on the quick feedback in another post here in this forum, I decided to open a reseller account with TCH. When I was connecting the my new CPanel, I was greeted with a SSL Certificate warning message saying that the message was the issuer was not trusted by Mozilla Firebird. I didn't copy the issurer's name, but it was something like severnode...etc. Since I wasn't in that much of a hurry to set it up. I decided I would post question here first. Is this normal? Should I be concern about it?
  8. Thanks Raul and Glenn. Raul, do you mean the setting the setting secure cookie in the cpanel or phpBB administraton? I have not use phpBB yet so I am not sure if that is what you meant. Glenn, I plan to use the no-cache meta and us a robot.txt that tells the robots not to follow. You are also rigtht in that this client doesn't want to spend big bucks. I want to re-ask one of my questions from above: The bbs (like phpBB) would not have a problem using https connection? New Question: Would there any problems using the community SSL certificate or should the client, in this case, get his own?
  9. Though I have been building and programping php websites for quite a few years now, but I have finally have a client now that wants a secure website and is asking about SSL and https. I have nerver used https myself, though I have heard it is not big problem. The client specific needs are that he wants to use a forum or/and chat room for his own clients so that they can discuss their International trading needs. Can I use a opensource forum software like phpBB and connect to it through a https url? Will the forum (or any forum) keep the https connection as the user moves about the forum? Anyone think it is a good idea to initially protect the forum by placing it inside a password protected directory and give the small groups of users their passwords to the directory? I will apreciate anyone's comment on this matter. I don't want to promise the client something I cannot give. Regards, Bobby
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