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  1. Yeah I'd just to like to say that Alex fixed my problem in 3 minutes today as well. This is why TCH can't be beat.
  2. Sorry to hear that... but at least it doesn't sound like the actual web hosting has been a problem for you! From CPanel you can select the SPAM Assassin icon. Is your Spam box enabled? That will route all your spam into a separate folder on the server I think... I know I don't get emails every time I get a SPAM message. Ted
  3. As far as the link is concerned, that may have some value, but I would imagine it isn't a highly rated link as far as Google is concerned. There are many factors that Google takes into account when ranking a page, and sometimes it is hard to tell exactly which ones worked and why. If you just copied the meta tags, that probably isn't going to bring your new site right to the top. Instead, you would need to have keywords in the body and title and such. There may be some weight given to the age of the old webpage as well, especially if it is still updated regularly by someone. It's also
  4. The first link seems to be good software that uses your API code appropriately. The second link does not use the API, so avoid using that one guys. [edited by D. Scott Demmin, removed direct links]
  5. Google provides a set of APIs that anyone can use to make up to 1000 automated queries per day. You can read more about the Google APIs at http://www.google.com/apis/ I won't turn that into a link unless the TCH mods approve... Once you sign up for an account you can use tools available on the web to check your position by plugging in your own API code. It works great and Google approves, so you won't get penalized.
  6. Well also you don't have to pay $150 for WW, the google forums and most of the others are free too. I'm thinking about paying because I really like the site, but I may not because it is expensive.... It is wise to be cautious, but there really is a great wealth of information over there, even if they aren't as friendly as TCH
  7. There has been a lot of discussion about ways to get PR for sites, but there really is no alternative to just looking at the google toolbar. You should try looking at Webmaster World in the Google News forum, because many people have asked similar questions. Try doing a site search there. Unfortunately you probably cannot get the raw PR data for sites automatically, and you should probably spend your time developing content and links rather than searching for specific high PR links.
  8. 1-7. done 8. you caught me right in the middle of making this site map, so it will be finished very soon. Thanks very much for your time and kind recommendation!
  9. Please take a look at my site and let me know what you think. I just put up a brand new design for the index page only, and the rest will follow tonight when I update my templates. The site is doing pretty well (50,000 uniques/mo) but any tips I can get are appreciated, and I would also like to be added to your links page. 1) FreeMathHelp.com 2) Name: Free Math Help 3) Desc: Provides free math help in algebra, geometry, trig, calculus, and more. Offers lessons, games, worksheets, and other activites, including a collection of calculators and calculator games. 4) Link added.
  10. It should be just fine to delete the Analog files, which get really big, especially if you don't use Analog. I haven't tried deleting Webalizer, but I would imagine that deleting the old stats files wouldnt hurt anything.
  11. Be aware though that CHMODing the file to 444 is dangerous, you will not be able to change the file ever again from your end! Make sure the file is setup as you like it before you do this!
  12. My configuration file reverted as well... are we not allowed to modify it or something??
  13. How often does the raw logfile update itself? I download my log file frequently to run stats off my local machine, and when the log deletes itself I lose a couple hours of stats. Not a crisis, but I don't really like big gaps in my stats. I only ask because my log got pretty big, and then started over, which is normal. Now it keeps starting over every day. Also - is there any way to customize our stats configuration files on the server? Thanks, Ted
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