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  1. Thank you very much. I will set the default address to :fail: as you said. This will not effect incoming emails I assume? I am sorry for the rant though. I was really frustrated at the time. As for the hosting everything has been great. A few times the sites have gone down but not for long at all. So to prove my loyalty I just registered another domain name and will have it hosted here once I figure out what my user and password is for a domain I have been redirecting since the day I opened it. I think I will need to open a ticket. Thanks again and sorry for the rant.
  2. I have been trying to get some customer service about this issue all night and nothing is being done. All my spam settings are turned on in cpanel and although this is working I am getting emails from your server telling me I just got a spam message and it blocked it. Whats the point of even turning on the spam blocking options if I am just going to get 300 email from you telling me I had spam blocked??? Your 24hr tech service tonight is a joke (most of the time its good) and the person did little to help me fix my issue. I would go as far as to say she wasn't sure what she was doing or did nothing at all. Said she worked on the back end but I don't see how that could have done anything (and it didn't) She asked me to let her know if I was still getting spam and to contact her once I did. Well I did and there is no answer yet again. I have 4 websites running threw TCH and I have had to change my business email 3 times because of this same problem. The emails include my company URL but the name is not something I have seen. For example dan@leasidehandyman.com. There is no dan, no dhre4f@leasidehandyman.com or anything other then service@leasidehandyman.com. This needs to be fixed or I am having my sites moved to another host. Sorry for the rant but I am sick of waiting for 300 emails to download every morning afternoon and night. Thank you Sean Connors
  3. Even though I did use it at times I always wondered if it really did anything at all. Thanks Andy and Rob
  4. If I remember right TCH had a link for a search engine submission? Was a going crazy? or have you removed that from the cpanel? If was a few years ago that I used it but I registered a new site and was hoping to use it. No big deal really just wondering.
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