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  1. Hi guys/gals, I'm looking for a script of sorts that can work basically like Gallery, but for videos. It's going to be for my sister and she is not very web savvy. I did see the youtube plug in for wordpress, but that too I think would be too complicated. Any ideas/suggestions? Cheers, Kaula Edit: oops, misspelled gallery
  2. Port 26 will work, thanks! (I would have used horde, but It's actually for my mom and she's stuck on outlook )
  3. Hi, I normally use cox's outgoing email server to send emails, but I need to goto Vermont for a while and I'm using earthlink's dialup. I have the outgoing email server setup properly but most of the time it errors out while trying to authenticate. I was wondering if I could just use my mail server for my domain instead? I don't hve alot of time right now since I'm at work or I'd just start testing it out myself, but my domains kaulaiscool.com Is there a way for me to use the smtp server for my domain on a different port other than 25? Thanks, paul
  4. I found its name, Singularity, not sure why I thought it was open source!
  5. Hi guys, As crazy as this sound to most, in the last year MS has mentioned the name of an OS built off open source from the ground up not relating to windows at all. Unfortunately i havnt been able to find the bulletin of it and googling for it seems like an impossible venture. Does anybody remember its name? Please! Thanks, Paul
  6. nevermind! I used javascript to write the lines that I didnt want parsed by the validator. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, I'm using some css, filter:alpha(opacity=0); -moz-opacity:0; to add some opacity fade-ins to some links. Its completely compatible in the browsers I want them to work in and in Opera it just doesnt use any fade in so thats fine and still works. The problem is that those two lines wont validate with w3c's css validator because they are browser specific and not supported, is there a way I could hide the lines from validation? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the responses, I got it all working properly now. Normally I use xhtml, I just whipped that up real quick as an example, forgot that the two where different.
  9. I just removed the why() and added it outside of the document.write in the body and it works fine, Is that the only way to do it? Thanks
  10. Hi, Heres some basic code, what I'm trying to do is pull some text from a function in the head section but you can see it seems to be showing up before its called. Not sure If I have my terminology right. Am I doing something wrong? Heres the example of what it does in a browser http://www.kaulaiscool.com/random/js_problem.htm ><html> <head> <title></title> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- function why() { document.writeln("sample text"); } // --> </script> </head> <body> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- document.write("Here is some" + why() ); // --> </script> <noscript> Your Browser does not support JavaScript. </noscript </body> </html> Thanks!
  11. Since the threads still kicking, I thought I'd mention I'm still using AntiVir without any problems. Indeed it doesnt have an email scanner for the free editon, however I use the basic precautions of not allowing certain content along with my providers scan the mail for me (paid yahoo and hotmail). For windows, I will probably stick with Antivir, or possibly move to kapersky when I switch to vista
  12. LOL nice wish My wish is to always know right from wrong
  13. Good read, It's nice to know not everyone has followed the herd. I do use FF as my primary browser, but it's out of preference not because everyone else uses it (which is plain retarded, reminds me of gentoo or ubuntu actually). I've had some issues with Opera with certain sites that I have to access along with a dislike of widgets, but otherwise it is a very good choice as a browser. I've read a few recent articles regarding Open Source softwares security track record (its not pretty).. maybe Opera or IE7 is the way to go. I doubt I will ever switch back to the Mozilla/SeaMonkey line (hey they dont even have a go button ), but I'm always open to Opera or IE7, whenever that might be finalized.
  14. telcor Ive been able to reproduce it from a friends house and from school. Normally happens when I transfer a large amount of files, maybe 200+. though the timing of when it happens seems random along with how long it becomes unaccessible seems to be random. Here is an example of what happens after file transfer fails, http://www.kaulaiscool.com/ftp_example/ftp_example.html its not imporant any longer
  15. I wouldnt think its my ISP because when It does happen, I'm still able to browse/ping sites and talk on IRC. I did'nt know I could unzip things on the server, thatll fix my problem though, thanks!
  16. right click on the image and goto properties, on the general tab theres an "open with" section that lets you select the default program, I normally have all my pictures open with the "windows picture and fax viewer"
  17. 5, but only 2 have websites made for them. Sorta bought a few domain names I liked incase I'd want to use them in the future
  18. Hi, I'm not sure if this is a help ticket issue, so I thought I'd ask here first. Sometimes I have to transfer several hundred files too and from my website at a time, pictures or schoolwork or whatever... when I do this, I have to do it in sections, because after a few minutes of either uploading or downloading a ton of files with an ftp client (smartftp, dreamweaver, gftp are the ones I use), the server will stop responding for around 30 seconds to a minute and I'll have to reconnect and start over. Also during that 30-60 seconds I cant reach my website via http either. So I guess my question is, Is there any sort of protection inplace that might be limiting the amount of files that can be transferred in a given amount of time? Thanks, Paul
  19. Yes! Thats what I'm looking for but I dont know how to do it, I have many pictures I need to make like that. Can you tell me how you did it or what it's called when you do that so I can google it?
  20. I'm having alot of trouble with this, for something that probably has a simple solution. What I'm trying to do is make it so that this image: http://www.kaulaiscool.com/random/image1.jpg Is cropped into this shape: http://www.kaulaiscool.com/random/image1.gif Which I thought I could do with firworks mx, doing a punch through. this works when i have two vector graphics, but not when i have an image and a vector graphic. Does anyone know either a way to convert an image into a vector graphic or to crop that image into the shape i want? I have fireworks mx 2004 and access to adobe cs2 thanks!
  21. Kaula


    Yep, looks like thaty was it, I added display: block; to verse and It shows up correctly. Thanks for the help, I couldnt figure out what was going on!
  22. Kaula


    Howdy, Wasn't sure where exactly to put this in the forum... but take a look if you will; I'm having some trouble getting xml+css to display properly in FF/Moz/Opera. This was an assignment I had turned in 4 or 5 weeks ago for a beginning xml class that I looked at today, for the first time, in something other than IE6. Heres the links: http://www.kaulaiscool.com/xml/12DaysofXMas.xml http://www.kaulaiscool.com/xml/12Days.css It looks the way I wanted in IE, but in FF/Moz it doesnt and especially not in Opera. The only thing I can think of is that they are having problems with either the floats or the clear:both; There wern't to be any changes to the xml file, just the css one. Any ideas?
  23. Theres alot of offices in the military buildings here in omaha/bellevue, ne where they have both windows and unix based machines at the same desk. There is also alot of contracted businesses for the goverment out here that use unix and novell, though the schools here seem to push MS products. I dont know if I'll ever completely switch to bsd or linux, I play too many games and alot of the programs I wish to use dont have acceptable Linux equivalents or would be too hard to get setup. any freebsd users gotten xgl workin?
  24. Someone showed this to me and I dont really understand its importance, http://no-www.org/ What is the significance of redirecting http://www.your-domain.com to http://your-domain.com? Does it shorten load times/response times when loading a page? Kaula! P.S. does their page show up imporperly for you in IE?
  25. isnt there a video of the funeral being crashed floating around... youtube.com or video.google.com has them. some arnt safe to link to, but theres one that has the music transition from really hard rock to something serenity like, its great. (and wrong at the same time)
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