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  1. Which folder should I point to? At present I have everything in the mt/ folder (including all CGI files). Do I need to move any of these? At present it is pointing to www.name.co.uk/public_html/mt/ does this soung right? thanks Andy
  2. Thanks for that, I got a bit further. I can now get to the page that askes for the author and password, but when entering the Melody/Nelson as it says in the instructions I just get --- Not Found The requested URL /MT/mt.cgi was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. --- Have you any more tips to get further? thanks again, Andy
  3. I have just downloaded moveable type and tried to follow the TCH instructions. I got as far as step 3 and then the instructions didn't match to the files supplied, does anyone know of a more up-to-date set of instruction? Step 3: Edit MT config files 1. Edit mt.cfg file Configure your CGIPath Leave the Datasource line alone, DataSource ./db For your ObjectDriver use, ObjectDriver DBI::mysql For your Database use, Database hostingAccountUserName_nameOfDatabase For your DBUser use, DBUser hostingAccountUserName_nameOfDatabaseUser If you're putting mt into the cgi-bin, you'll need to create a directory called mt-static in the root of public_html folder. remove the # from the beginning of the StaticWebPath line and put, StaticWebPath /mt-static/ It seems like most of the above bits are not there? Or am I being extremely dim-witted? thanks. Andy
  4. I've just done this using ftp://domainname.co.uk nothing else, and then it asked for username etc. Although I had no privilages once I got in, so if you work it our I would like to know too. Thanks. Andy
  5. I'm probably in the wrong group, but wasn't sure which one to put it in. I have discovered a module for Nuke called "Easyup" that allows images to be put into contents etc. The problem is that I want to include a link to this module from within the "Add News" module (or any other module) so it seems a bit more intuitive - how can I add this and where? thanks. Andy
  6. Meet the new 'desk-space adviser', but we never get much work done when she takes over, the desk is normaly full of toys.
  7. Just so you know - I have got the mac mail working with POP. There was (and I think stil is) a problem with my domain name propogation, but if I point it to the IP address it works. I also got the password error but it cleared it self and has never come back. Hope you get it fixed. Andy
  8. all sorted now, I went for the help desk and got an answer back really quick. thanks all
  9. I have been playing with version 6.9 of PHP Nuke and have been trying to make it look how I want it. There seems to be a lot of tables used within the styles of PHP Nuke to make the layout work, and was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to control the layout of Nuke using just CSS? This would take me a long time to do so thought it would save me a job if someone else had already tried it and knew the answer. thanks
  10. I'm still having trouble with the CGI error on setting-up SSL, do I need to request SSL to be put on my account? thanks Andy
  11. I think I'm still missing something. I have changed the includes/configure.php and then tried to go through the checkoutprocedure but now get: What else can I do? thanks Andy
  12. You're right, If I enter the IP address I get told the user name and password is wrong, but if I try the domain name it cant contact the server. I guess this shows that they haven't updated yet. Thanks for this tip. andy
  13. I think it has propogated, although I do remember that the demon servers were very slow to update. I will leave it while, thanks. Andy
  14. Have you looked at gettyimages.com, I think they own most of the stock libraries. keep searching andy
  15. I keep getting this message when setting-up my email software to look for mail: The server error encountered was: The server “mail.XXX.co.uk” can not be contacted on port 110. Does anyone know why? thanks. Andy
  16. I am trying to set-up oscommerce with ssl. I understand TCH have a shared SSL certificate that we can use. what is the procedure to get this working on my account? Where do I put it? I realise the consequences of using this shared cert. but I think for now it is all I need. Is it possible to update it later? thanks. Andy
  17. Is there a way to add images to articles in PHP-Nuke? I have seen something called IndyNews that looks like it may do something similar but can't work out how to install it. Does anyone know about this or any other way to insert images to news articles. thanks Andy
  18. That works thank you, I had to make a file called htaccess then set the permissions (as my ftp program doesn't show strange files) and then rename it using the file manager. and now gallery works One question - once I upload an image to gallery can I then resize the original image or will it always stay that size on the server and only the previews will change in size? thanks again Andy
  19. That worked - I found the fetch can change the permissions as well. One other problem is I can't find the file .htaccess - the setup is looking for this to write to. Any clues? thanks Andy
  20. Also, I need to change the permissions on the albums folder to 777 but the cpanel file manager doesn't let me do this. Is there any other way to do this? thanks Andy
  21. I am on the cofiguration page of Gallery in Nuke and have only got one error which is Temporary directory The filesystem path to a temporary directory. Eg. /tmp or c:\windows\temp. Note that if you have open_basedir configured on your system, then this temporary directory must be inside the open_basedir path! In that case you may need to create the tmp directory yourself and make sure that it's writable by the webserver process Does anyone know what to do to create a temprary directory? thanks Andy
  22. Thanks for all the help, I've just come across this post which fixes the problem. <http://www.nukecops.com/postt2605.html> thanks andy
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