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  1. I seem to have trouble getting it to keep me logged into iGoogle/Gmail...any suggestions?
  2. I'm pretty sure you do, it's a plug in of firefox. have you tried it lately? I didn't used to be a fan either, now I can't imagine using anything else!
  3. I used to have a similar problem until I started using fireftp...free and simple to use
  4. anywhere from 30-50+ before, 4 total in the last 2 days
  5. Redeagle

    Saving Error

    are you using any plugins? how long ago did you upgrade? or is it a fresh install? when are you getting the error? on rebuild, or is it an error on page? does it save the post?
  6. Tried that...for months...never did work right
  7. personally, I prefer MT because of the multi-user/blog features. (a must have feature for me) I also prefer to do my own templates, and I have a much easier time with MT's css than WP (yes, I did try to switch...just didn't work out for me) I've hacked the heck out of the files, templates, etc...and set it up for several friends who are not the most 'tech savy' (to put it mildly) YMMV, but in my book, it will always beat out WP
  8. I think the key word is 'active' users...I don't think this (tch's) forum has 100 'active' users per day! I have a semi-dedicated, with several accounts and several variations of boards...the most active being problemadults.com. Members: 208 Threads: 2,760 Posts: 27,900 currently using 122 meg's of space, and 3154 meg's of bandwidth (with 12 days left in the month) it's not a SMF forum, it's VBAdvanced, with the photo album, links pages, chat room(s) and arcade options all in place and used regularly I'm certain that TCH can handle your friends forum on a shared hosting account
  9. I had something similar happen once, and it turned out the MB was fine, except for where the fan plugged into it (loose or something) I bought an adaptor to plug it directly into the power supply and it worked fine (until I got a new mb and rebuilt it again, but that's another story) fairly cheep and simple thing to check before replacing major components
  10. zFeeder is also a good one http://zvonnews.sourceforge.net/
  11. thank you both very much. unfortunately, she doesn't have a dateabase backup (memo to self, set one up to be emailed to me at least weekly ) This is why I still use MT on my site...
  12. I have a minor problem. one of the sites I host has a wordpress blog, last night, 2 of the authors on it had a 'falling out' and one went in and deleted all the entries before the other (the actual owner of the site) could change the password. I know on MT, if you delete them out of the interface, the actual page (individual entry) is still there. Is this the case with WP? or is there a way anyone knows of that these can be recovered? or are they gone for good? thank you in advance!!
  13. 12, and part owner of 5 others I didn't realize it was that many...
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