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  1. AmyJ

    Saving Error

    I guess IE was the problem all along. I just downloaded and installed firefox and was able to update with MT with no problems whatsoever. I hate messing with IE. One wrong move and it seems to mess with more than your browser.
  2. AmyJ

    Saving Error

    That refers to a java script error. That may be the problem. I have uploaded and placed mt.js in several directories and that did not help. However, I did reformat my hard drive recently, and I do not have the most up to date system/IE. I am going to try to check and see if it is something in my browser that is not displaying wright. MT is on the hosting site, do my hard drive reformat should not effect MT. But maybe a software update would read the info better? I am going to check that out. Any more suggestions? Thanks!
  3. AmyJ

    Saving Error

    I have not installed any plug ins. It was a fresh install, I did not upgrade. I am able to rebuild the site fine. I get the error when I try to save a new entry. It acts as though the save button does not do anything. But a yellow triangle appears in the lower left corner of IE, I click on it, and thats the error message that I received. The post never saves. Thanks!
  4. AmyJ

    Saving Error

    I am having a problem with MT that I have never had before. Today when I tried to save a post I got the following error: mt.cgi?_mode=view&_type=entry&blog_id=15 I have tried to rebuild the site, and uploaded fresh copies of mt.cgi but I received the same error. Does anyone know how to fix this error? I am using MT version 3.34 Thanks!
  5. Question about phone verification... I saw on your web site that your billing department is only open from 10am until 4pm, Monday through Friday. I am at work that intire time. I work in a call center, therefore I am unable to recieve direct phone calls. Do you have a work around for situations like these? Can I call your support department to verify, or do it through your online chat? Thanks! Amy
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