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  1. E$ is a default administrative share which allows administators to see the entire contents of a drive over the network. It is not visible when you access a computer remotely. You have to use the UNC path from the client machine, ie: \\computername\e$ then log in with the local adminstrator username and password (or your own if you are in the administrators group). When you right click on a drive and select the Sharing option from the pop-up menu, it will listy it as e$. You can't change permissions on this, but there should be a button on the dialog which says 'New Share' which will allow you to share the drive out as any name you want, and apply permissions to it.
  2. You're pretty close to the bone re: Microsofts minimum specs for XP wrt processor and memory. Just running XP is going to make this baby sweat. Adding an http server and all the other things you would need (remote access capability, etc) and you will probably find it will have a hard time. Win XP and 128Mb of RAM has never been a really happy combo. 256 Mb would probably be better. I would agree with Rob on this one.
  3. I had heard it was important to keep the sides of the cases on to maintain the correct airflow within the case, and that while you might think that taking the sides off will help with cooling, you can actually have an opposite effect.
  4. Supposed to be animals Jana.....
  5. I got mine at Best Buy for $199, but they can be had cheaper online (around $160), of course there is usually shipping to figure in. I bought from BB coz I figured if I didn't like it, I could just take it back, no return shipping hassles, etc. So far it seems pretty easy to set up. It easliy detected my wireless network, and connecting it was a snap. It updates itself (firmware) really easily. There are a few things that are a little lacking, but might be fixable, either in future firmware releases, or server software releases. Yes, you have to install the D-link Streaming Server software on any machine you want to access media files on. It is easy to install, and doesn't seem to be much of a resource hog, but again, there are a few things about it that need some work. Namely, if you add a file to a 'shared folder' you have to force a re-scan of the folder to let the file be seen immediately by the media player. There may be an auto re-scan built in, but I needed to check things out and didn't want to wait. I will check to see if that feature exists. Also, you can play a slideshow of photos by selecting the folder containing the pictures, and pressing the play button on the remote, BUT.....you can't do the same with MP3 files which is kind of inconsistent. If you want to play a bunch of MP3 files from different folders, you have to use WinAMP, or some other MP3 player, to create playlists. MusicMatch's AutoDJ feature would be good for creating random playlists of given lengths for this purpose, but I still have to play with that. Video playback over my Wireless G network was fine. I have an ATI card in my box that has TV capability, so I had recorded some shows as MPG files, and it played them back fine. Had trouble with a AVI file that I generated as a DV quality capture off my camcorder though. Still need to play with video formats I guess.... This mornings effort was a basic 'plug it up and see how it works' session, so more details will follow
  6. Just bought one of these, so i'll let you all know how it works after I get it hooked up... h**p://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=318
  7. I've seen the website for sveasoft. Interesting stuff. I'm concerened about the GPL issues tho. I would hate to flash my router with this code, then have sveasoft disappear and all support with them.
  8. Dear TCHFriend, Knowing that this can be beaten can be a great motivator. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 10 years ago. He is now 70 years old, plays golf almost every day, and flies from the UK to the US to visit my family and I every year. Keep up the fight, and a positive attitude, and I know all will be well. My thoughts are with you, Sincerely,
  9. Back to the original topic!!! Madmanmcp suggested a firmware upgrade. I concur, as the upgrade he linked to is specifically to fix a dhcp renew failure bug. Of course in true Linksys fashion, there are no details beyond that, so it is unclear if the bug is in the DHCP server (serving IP addresses to LAN clients) or in the DHCP client (getting DHCP address for WAN interface from Cable/DSL DHCP server). Anyhoo, having the latest firmware *generally* can't hurt.
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