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  1. PHPNuke can do all of that except the calendar with the basic install, the calendar is an easy add on. I like nuke simply because it is easy to use, I run a hardware review website and I have several staff members that help with the site, you can set up Admins with different levels of access, So if you wanted to set someone up with JUST the ability to post new articles you can, if you want to set up someone that can post articles, approve articles, create new polls...you can. It includes a forum and private mesage, you can download a theme for it to fit just about any type of site.
  2. Welcome to the family Sophie!!
  3. Try php nuke, it is included in your cpanel under additional scripts. i use it on my site and it is very easy to use.
  4. Well I was partially right
  5. I'm not real good with tables, but i think this is what it needs to look like, I may be wrong tho. This is what you have ><form METHOD="LINK" ACTION="calendar.html"> I think this is what you need ><form METHOD="LINK" ACTION="calendar.html" TARGET="rightframe">
  6. you need to put it in the frame the buttons are in
  7. to find out what server you are on you can log into your cpanel and it will say at the top welcome to server XX (XX being the server number)
  8. turtle beat me to it, and he is right you can use a digital to analog converter to convert the digital signal to something your modem or NIC can understand.
  9. I found this on Invision's site. Question: I have just upgraded from 1.1.2 to RC2 and I am getting this error upon login: CODE Warning: login(./modules/ipb_member_sync.php) [function.login]: failed to create stream: No such file or directory in /home/mydomain/public_html/ib/sources/Login.php on line 46 "ib" is the directory my forum is installed in. Any ideas what this is and how to fix it? Thanks Answer: Although the upgrade readme dosen't say so, you must also upload the /modules/ directory in the "upload" directory of your IPB download package as well for the upgrade to 1.2 RC 2, up to the directory you installed IPB in.
  10. I dont think that period is supposed to be in the file path (I could be wrong) First thing I would check is make sure these directories are actually there modules/ipb_member_sync.php
  11. member.domainname.com and domainname.com/member are one and the same, you shouldnt have to use any kind of redirect
  12. enom 000domains dotster godaddy melbourneIT namecheap netsol opensrs register stargate
  13. How to Password Protect a Directory Setting up MySQL Accounts Working with PHP MyAdmin Setting up Sub Domains
  14. thank you thank you thank you! GREAT to be here! If anyone ever needs anything (mostly forum wise, but I'll help anywhere I can) My e-mail address is in my signature or you can catch me on AIM as TCH MIKE H or on yahoo messenger as tch_mike
  15. Installing Front Page Extensions Changing your FP Password Deleting Server in FP Form to Email How to Password Protecting Directories & Files Publishing to FTP Publishing to HTTP Remote Publish to HTTP
  16. Setting up POP3 Email Auto-Responders Setting up the Default Email Account Configuring Outlook Express Adding POP3 Email Accounts
  17. How to create custom error pages How to create a email autoresponder
  18. If you really want to use IE just run WS_FTP Pro as your ftp program. It works great inside your browser or using the program itself. http://www.ipswitch.com/Products/WS_FTP/features.html
  19. No problem. It was one of those lucky finds. Seen a few posts about this and that, so started clicking on the WWW icons of the posters until I found that site.
  20. I did some searching on all the nuke sites and found this EverQuest Character Profile System It is seperate from Nuke and therfore it has its own database. I don't play EverQuest so I have no idea if this is what you are looking for, but it looks promising. Good Luck Thumbs Up
  21. If your drive comes with a cd to setup the drive, then use that to create the 2 gig partition and then install XP. The other partitions can be set up in XP using the Computer management console. Just right click My Computer and click on Manage, look down the selections until you find Disk Management and select it. You can then partition and format all unallocated space on the drives. This takes only a few minutes. If you don't want to reinstall XP then I recommend you use Partition Magic. Partition Magic allows you to change partition size without loss of data.
  22. I'm new here, But I thought I would add my 2cents. How about design a unique 404 Not Found/404 - File not found page. This allows you to be creative with out alot of knowlege about photo editing or web design. You can use just text, just photos or both. Rock Sign
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