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  1. I really have no answers for you regarding the timeout issue, but use a freeware FTP program called Cyberduck. I regularly upload video files to my website -- though they're more in the 5-15MB range and only one or two at a time -- with no problems. I think your problem would be more related to a ISP issue vs. a problem with an FTP program. But what do I know?
  2. Also, when you upload files using File Manager you have to check the option to " Overwrite existing files" -- it should be located right above the Upload button -- or else the old files will not be updated.
  3. No problem. When I first saw it (it made the rounds on some photo sites I frequent) I thought it was a joke -- it took me a while to "get" what the illusion was supposed to be.
  4. It's supposed to do that. You stare at it (in color, but a negative version of the original) and without moving your eyes you move the mouse over it. At that point it turns black and white (as you discovered), but the illusion is that the image appears to be in color. It'll look like it's in color until you move your eyes, at which point it reverts to the black and white image.
  5. Well, I barely ever hear the fan on my new-ish 20" Intel iMac... but then again that could be because the fan on my G4 Powerbook is drowning it out! It sounds like you may have got a lemon ... have you run System Update yet?
  6. I've been receiving calls from this "company" also; I even posted something about it a few months ago ... http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...ST&f=33&t=25725 These calls annoy me much more than the snail/e-mail letters...
  7. I'm a big fan of www.blip.tv for hosting videos without eating up my bandwidth. The advantage of using them over some of the other video hosting sites is that even though they'll encode your video to flash if you have it set up to do so, you can still link to the original file. Also, you can upload video via FTP, so you don't have to worry about the browser timing out during long uploads. I'm not sure if there is a file size limit since the site doesn't state one (I haven't uploaded anything over ~15 megs). From my experience support is excellent -- if you want to try them, you should send them an email and ask about any file size limits before registering.
  8. If anyone still questions the validity of the last photo, well... Snopes.com called it out as a fake: ht*p://www.snopes.com/photos/accident/crane.asp
  9. If it bothers you that those links are in your stats, you can edit your htaccess file to block the sites. Google for "referral spam" htaccess to find a number of sites with a description on how to do it. I did this months ago ... I really haven't got a lot of referral spam in my AwStats lately, so I'm guessing it's working. I started with the example file here: h*tp://www.aaronlogan.com/downloads/htaccess.php and whenever I notice a lot of hits coming in from a site, I'll add it to the list. Once you impliment this, it won't remove any sites that are currently listed in your stats, but it should stop any more hits from the site. Once a new month starts you shouldn't see the site anymore. I also use this to block sites that I discover hotlinking files of mine. Seems to work.
  10. I have no idea if this is related, but one of my clients (I'm a reseller on server 15) contacted me over the weekend and said that all new photos she uploaded to her install of Gallery weren't showing up. After poking around in the Site Admin for a bit to verify settings, I went into the Graphics Toolkits section and tested both GD and ImageMagick. It was showing that GD passed and ImageMagick failed when I tested them. Her Gallery install was set to use ImageMagick first (under Toolkit Priority), and I'm assuming that she was having problems because since it was failing the tests. Once I switched Gallery to use GD first I rebuilt her images and everything is working fine. I know server 15 was recently moved -- maybe the ImageMagick install is screwed up?
  11. I can't wait until they fix the problem with the text-entry fields becoming unresponsive on the Mac side.
  12. Rental, eh? So you only get 24 hours to watch the video after you download it... personally, if I'm going to pay $1.99 for a video I want to be able to watch (and rewatch) it whenever I want Hm. I wonder how this will turn out in regards to competition with the iTunes Music Store -- which sells many videos, including television shows. I wonder if any of the shows will overlap between the two or if the networks only distribute their shows via one outlet. Also, Google Video is also open to independant people/companies that want to distribute their work.
  13. I just got another phone call. The woman on the phone stated that the company name is "Domain Registration Support," (I think -- she had a heavy accent that made it hard to understand her) and that they needed to verify and update my contact info so that I may receive some very important information regarding changes that will affect my domain. Again the number was CID blocked. Arg.
  14. The thing is, he never said that he is trying to sell me something. I never got an answer as to the real purpose of the call, besides needing to receive some important information regarding my domain. I just assumed that it was an attempt to transfer it over to another company. Thinking back, it is kind of weird since the domain he referred to isn't set to expire until the end of July. At some point in the call he also referred to another of the domain names I have registered (my main site). Coincidentally, I happened across this "counter script" yesterday shortly after this call: h*ttp://www.xs4all.nl/~egbg/counterscript.html I might try it next time I get a call like this. I'm usually not quick to come up with witty things to say (or do) to these people, until after I hang up the phone. Hm, I don't think so. I got the call on my cell phone, and I'm fairly certain that I didn't add the number to the registry yet. Usually I don't answer my phone if I don't recognize the number, but this is my work line and I didn't know if it might be work-related. Thanks for the tip. I think I'm going to start doing that with the letters. I know that one of the registrars that was guilty of this got hit with a lawsuit ... Here are a few places I found to complain also (I believe these are US-only resources): Federal Trade Comission: h*ttps://rn.ftc.gov/pls/dod/wsolcq$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01 United States Post Office mail fraud: h*ttp://www.usps.com/websites/depart/inspect/fraud/MailFraudComplaint.htm Internet Fraud Complaint Center: h*ttp://www.ic3.gov/complaint/
  15. I have fourteen domain names that I've registered with TCH. I occasionally receive a letter in the mail from various domain registrars stating that whateversite.com is set to expire soon so I better send a check to them tout-suite or else I'll lose the domain. Of course, I never respond because I can renew the domain on the registrar's website for about 1/3 of that price and just chuck the letter into the circular file. Besides, I have them all set to auto-renew (save one), and information regarding their renewal has always come via email in the past. So a few hours ago my phone rings. The first thing I noticed is that the caller ID is blocked. I answer it anyway and the guy tells me he is from some company (unfortunately, I was busy at work and distracted, and didn't take a note of the name of the company or the person), calling regarding one of my domains (coincidentally, one that I don't use and was planning on letting expire). The guy proceeds to tell me that he needs to verify my contact information, and requests a fax number so he can send me some "very important information" regarding the domain. I refuse to verify anything or to provide a fax number, and ask him what the call is regarding. We basically go in circles for a few minutes -- him insisting that I (actually, that "Mr. Kelly") need to give him a fax number so that I can receive this "very important information" and me asking for more detail as to what this phone call is in regards to. I eventually hung up on him, which was childish I'll admit, but I was getting fed up. In hindsight I should have given him the fax number here at work so I could see what this "very important information" is, since it wouldn't really do any harm. I just didn't want to give him the satisfaction. As with the letters I receive in the mail, I assumed from the start this wasn't a legitimate phone call since anything that regards the domain names can be (and has always been) done via the website or over email. Besides, why would a legitimate business block their number from caller ID, and also refuse to give me more information? * * * It is very easy for anyone to find out your contact information via a whois on your domain name, unless you pay extra for a private registration. Some of the less ethical registrar companies use this fact to harvest names and try to get you to switch over to their service. Please, if you receive a letter in the mail, an email or even a phone call warning you to renew your domain name, the first thing to do -- before you hand over any information or money -- is to make sure that you verify that the company you registered your domain with is the one contacting you. In fact ignore the letter/email/phone call, go to the registrar's website directly, log in and renew it there. By sending money to one of these companies that contact you, you are essentially allowing them to transfer your domain over to their service (usually for many times the cost), and you may even end up losing the domain entirely. Also, make sure you put set up "domain locking;" this makes is to that attempted transfers will fail until the domain is unlocked, and you can only unlock it by logging into the registrar's website and manually unlocking it. Google has a lot of info on this subject -- do a search for "domain slamming." I'm sorry for the long-winded post. I thought it would be worth mentioning.
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