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  1. Ahhh, awesome! Thanks for the news. I think I might be moving my work site over to TCH Dave
  2. Hey All, It's been a while since I posted on here...but I had a quick question. I made a bad decision to host my companies site on another hosting company (just for storage/cost reasons)...and low and behold, they have ridiculous IMAP/POP3 access restrictions (even though they offer UNLIMITED emails!). I know on shared hosting limited the number of connections is a must to maintain performance, but what are TCH's limits on connections (mostly per single IP address) on shared hosting...and do they increase with higher shared hosting plans? Thanks! Dave
  3. I do use that at work from time to time, and it works great in a pinch...but the main problem seems to be when I'm at home. I'm generally uploading video files which are around 20-50MB each. I'll get throught the first one, then I get the boot. I don't know if it's my actual ISP connection, because it always reaches the end of the file, then stalls or can't connect to the server. I also have a few clients that have the same issue (all on TCH servers) - they load large files (audio OMF and other large files) and have the same problems!
  4. Hey Everyone, So I'm about to go nuts with uploading files to my server. I am currently using Fetch and Transmit (which ever roll of the dice I feel like using!) - and I'm uploading 4-6 QTime or WMV files to my server, and it ALWAYS drops the connection, stalls, or just quits (probably because of a dropped connection). Anyone have ANY ideas as to why this would happen? Is there a way to figure it out? I'm mildly advanced in computers, so bring it! -Dave
  5. Hey All, I'm working on setting up a new CMS system, but unfortunately most of the support forum is in German! Not so good for me:) I'm having an issue and someone suggest that they had the same thing resolved by getting the hosting to "run php as cgi" - does anyone know what that means? The CMS system has a "files" folder that you can upload from the web interface differnt file types that you can then place within the CMS pages...but it's just giving me a wacky error. Ok, just wanted to see if anyone knew what "run php as cgi" means! Thanks! -Dave
  6. Hey All, Thanks for the tips! I wound up just getting a support ticket and posting the file on my server. It worked great, really wish I would have figured it out before! The best way was just to upgrade the old board to the new version, fairly painless! The only painful thing was realizing the DNS info was wonky for the first 48 hours, so one person would see the new site one minute, the next it would see the old site! Made those for fans of the band a little confused I'd say! Thanks again! -Dave
  7. Yeah, I think upgrading the old board then dumping the tables might be the best idea I can do...I just didn't know if there was a way to without all the hassle! Thanks for the idea! -Dave
  8. Hey Everyone, First off sorry for the bad spelling in the title (and post probably)...just woke up! Well, another day, another problem! As always thanks to all that help me out with my odd questions all the time! I have a new client that (of course) is switching their hosting over to TCH (I think I'm up to around 10 people who have "made the switch" now!!!), and they want to keep they're old phpbb board exactly the way it is. I know I can backup/restore the database but they are running the old version of the board, i've set up a test board at my site to see if I could transfer it all from a backup of their old board and I just get a timeout error (I think). I don't think the GZip version of the backup is quite working right either...because it says it uploads the file but nothing changes. It also says "GZip" disabled when you first login to the new version of PHPBB, so I'm guessing that's why! Is it possible that the database can be restored by sending the sql database to tech support? I've also tried to restore phpbb with myphpAdmin with fairly little sucess (strange issues appeared forever!). I took a look at the database structures and they seem similar...but they are big files (3MB of sql is a little drab to look at!). I just didn't know if anyone had any thoughts! Thanks! Dave
  9. Interesting. Those google folks sure do like to toy with people emotions...i mean site rankings. It's just crazy that every other search engine lists the site as #1 or top 3...I keep trying to come up with some sort of analogy model for my clients, like: Google is to search engins as ___________ is to __________. Know what I mean? I just need to fill in the blanks Thanks again for all the help! It look like my website just popped back into Google...so I would think the other page might hop back sometime soon, if not I might take out the dirty hidden text! -Dave
  10. Hmm, All very interesting stuff. I'll have to wait a week or so and see what happens. I'll see what I can do about the hidden text, if nothing happens by then. I think that might not be the cause, my homepage (davegorrie.com) is Post-Nuke, so I know there's no hidden text there. I tried to tell my clients that this stuff is "like magic!". Thanks again all...let me know if you can think of any other suggestions! -Dave
  11. Yeah, That's what I'm waiting for from the AOL gods...lucky that the guy that controls the page is a fan of the band...that always helps. I just thought there might have been something that I can do about the whole deal. It's tough to try and explain to clients how search engines work...and that they all don't really work the same way! The band is The Getaway Car - they're from Washington DC.
  12. Yeah, I know there's more to life than google...but just not too much! Just kidding of course. My main problem was with a bands website...they are being feature on AOL when members sign in, there's a nice blurb about them amongst all the crap they you get thrown at you. then there's a "find out more about the band" link and it just takes you to a google search with the bands name...but that's not so helpful anymore! kinda stinks, it is going live in a day or so and the site dropped off yesterday! -D
  13. Hey All, I'm trying to figure out why the google bot likes to come to my site quite often (almost 150 times this month already!)..but just stopped listing it! A few sites I have done (including my own personal site) were all ranked #1 by google just a week ago...not, nothing. But nothing has changed on the sites, still the same thing as it used to be, but now I'm not ranked at all...not even in the top 20! I'm still the same in yahoo, msn, excite...but just mr google! Let me know if you have any ideas! Thanks Dave
  14. It figures the first time I actually PAY for a script (I usually use GPL stuff!) it doesn't work! Go figure? Well, thanks again guys for all the help. You guys really are why this place is the "family" part of TCH. I'm sure I'll be back! -Dave
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