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  1. Thanks for the filtering suggestion. Does this occur at the server level, or at the client level? If at the server level, I assume that it is done via the C-pannel. Can you confirm? Thanks TheFuzz
  2. Hi, First posting to the forum. Some really great info here. My question: I recently configured SpamAssassin to push spam directly to the spam box for each of the e-mail accounts. However, some of my users (POP3) aren't able to download the spam box contents. Sure enough, they reach their quota and complain. The short term answer is to have them go view the spam box via the web on a periodic basis (e.g., weekly) and clean it out, but this isn't optimal. I'd like to do it automatically. It is possible to issue a chron job that cleans specific user's spam box out 1x per week? If so, how, where, etc. (Note: I haven't used much scripting at TCH so all basic info would be greatly appreciated.) Thanks The Fuzz
  3. Hi, Interesting new toy. Can't seem to find out how to set specific spam rules. Only public black lists. I'm looking to set a rule up for filtering messages with the Spam Assassin text in the body of the message.. Any thoughts? TheFuzz
  4. Hi, My wife, using MS Outlook 2K, seems to be sending an attachment labled WINMAIL.DAT I don't have this attachment. We both use TCH as the host for e-mail. Also, sometimes her normal attachments are not visible via TCH Webmail, but visible through other MS Outlook clients. I suspect that she has some bizarre Outlook setting. Any suggestions? What would cause the normal attachments to become only visible via another MS Outlook client as opposed to vanilla TCH Webmail? Thanks The Fuzz
  5. Thanks for the input. Tried them all and no go. I am now more convinced then ever that the firewall doesn't like the extra "@" that is required for sub-FTP accounts. The rationale: I tried from home (no firewall) and it worked like a champ. Before I bring this up with the firewall group, any final suggestions? Thanks again. M
  6. I have encountered a problem FTP'ing behind the corporate firewall. The problem only arises when I try to FTP as a sub-FTP account. I think I have narrowed it down to the requirement to use the full "ID@domainname.com" usage as I believe it trips up the firewall. The firewall requires: id on remote host@jsmith@ftp.cisco.com I think the problem is that the "id on remote host" = id@domainname.com So the extra "@" is causing the firewall to barf. I will try at home tonight (no firewall) and confirm, but I suspect that this is the issue. Any suggestions (other than using the cpanel username?) THanks Marty
  7. Submitted a ticket to TCH Help and here is the response. The odd thing about it is that the option is available in the "OPTIONS" panel. Marty ------------ As far as I could tell I couldn't see anything in our Horde package that we offer that said anything about a spell checker. I did do a search on google though, and one is avaliable, but it must be installed as a sort of "plugin". Right now there are no current plans to be adding on to Horde's package at TCH, and we can't just do yours, it would have to be a server-wide thing. So sorry this wasn't better news, but that's all we can give you right now! Have a nice day!
  8. Hi, Using TCH Webmail, with the Horde front end. So far so good. In the OPTIONS section, it has an option for setting the number of spell check hits. However, I can't find the mechanism for firing off the spell checker. In other words, once I am done composing a message, how do I spell check? (Needed as I type way too fast for my own good. Thanks Marty
  9. I'm going on a 5 hour plane ride tomorrow and am wondering if there is a single link to a "printable" version of the Cpanel manual. The current hyperlinked one forces you to look at each page before printing. Any suggestions? Thanks
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