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  1. Well, I tried it. I don't know how to test it, but when I load the page on my computer, the movie plays and beneath is a link to bypass the intro. I think what will happen from now on is the folks who cannot see the movie will still seer the link I added, and be able to move on from the error page to the main page. Is that right?
  2. I think I understand the first method, but what would be the steps in doing so? Go to the Flash intro I created and add a <a href="www.mysite.com">If You Do Not Have Flash, Then Click Here To Visit My Site </a> ?
  3. I set up the page to include a Flash Intro, and I am aware that when people don't have Flash, they won't be able to access the main site. Is there a re-direct command I can use for those who don't have Flash? I'd appreciate it, thanks!
  4. URL : Clicky Name of Page: Abba, Inc. Description: Abba, Inc. is a full service asset management firm. We have experience in every aspect of equipment remarketing and appraisals, we're a global remarketer of equipment used in the printing and mailing industry. *Note* Link to TCH is after Flash Intro. Rock Sign
  5. Well, I am starting off completley fresh... So- what do I need to do here? Do I need to download Apache to my system, or do I need to upload each file before they can be viewed? I tried to set the server in Dreamweaver to preview, but it didn't seem to work.
  6. I was using Dreamweaver to look at a very simple script, and it told me I needed some sort of server to do so. So if I understand correctly, each time I want to preview a script in a browser, I need to upload the script first? If so, that's fine, I just wasn't sure how the whole server thing worked.
  7. I am looking over a tutorial site, and they mentioned that I need to install Apache on my system before I can install PHP. My question is, I know TCH supports and has Apache already- so, am I just installing PHP on my hard drive?
  8. German web site. Hehe. Good thing I have a language background- or I'd really be in trouble. ... Uh oh, it's not illegal to use a generator like that is it? I thought it was funny that I couldn't find any supported by American web sites. If it is unlawful, I'll take it down... Do you see anything wrong with the code I supplied?
  9. Sorry- I've figured it out. Thanks for your efforts everyone!
  10. Browser sniffing sounds like a reasonable attempt to make sure any browser can view the site... Do you know where code like that can be found?
  11. How does someone building a site try to cater to all browsers/resolutions? I built a page here at work, went home and looked at it and... it looked so different.
  12. Hmm.. maybe I'm misunderstanding the Previous Next functions. I have a list of items, and I was hoping users could scroll through the details of the first item clear to the last time by using previous and next functions. But the way you describe it, it sounds as if it will only take you back over pages you have visitied?
  13. Nope. No reaction. It takes me to a page that it claims 'dosn't exist'. Soo... I thin for now, I'll do the tedious, manual way of actually assigning URLS to the Previous and Next functions until we can get this squared away. I appreciate all of the ideas!
  14. Hmm...well, what's interesting is I'm using Dreamweaver, and it automatically comes up with this script for each ==> Next. (Template) When I highlight "Next" in the design area, I see this in the link box. <a href="java script:history.go(-1);">Previous</a> But when highlight "Previous", I don't see anything for a link. I'm sure this is terribly basic to some of you, but am I missing something?
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