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  1. lol thanks guys. I think im done being sick and or injured for awhile. I think I accomplished doing it all at once. *knock on wood* maybe I shouldn't say that right before flu season LOL.
  2. no problem gave me something to do inbetween runs to the laundry room =)
  3. i think we have that furby ... and i think our furby is a whole lot nicer... doesn't attach small kittens LOL
  4. hehe then I better never come here =) I am a natural blonde you know.. Everyone says I should be a stand up comic but Im to lazy to stand that long!
  5. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...een+resolutions more info: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/statisticspage.htm found it it is there!
  6. I saw this and I wish i knew where it was.. I'd take my son lol
  7. oh my cute looks like kitty is in charge there!!! my cat - the video
  8. =) maybe I should have come on and amused you when I was all doped up on vicodin
  9. welcome to the family! Rock Sign
  10. lol OK I CHANGED IT.. CUTE I AM A SPAMMER by the way.. love it when they crawl in places they don't belong! previous cat attached for those who didn't see it
  11. they are all the boss of me. they own the house me and my son just live here LOL
  12. awww he isn't scarey lol you want scarey? see the attached photo lol
  13. ooohh suuure i see how it is =)
  14. I am back after a long hiatus I am back! I created am hosting a new site for a movie my neighbor wrote and is directing. Strange Voltage check it out! Very great opportunity that fell in my lap. Let's see what else is new? My son Robert join the cub scouts last week and is a "tiger" scout. He loves it so far! He started first grade this year and is doing well. I am finally out of my walking cast waahooo! I have a job interview at a local salon next week and am looking forward to going back to work as a manicurist and cosmetologist! Last week was a week and the week before were weeks from hell as my cat got really sick and almost died and spent sometime in the animal hospital. It was horrible.. Didn't want to loose him as he was my sisters who passed away a little over a year ago. Really thats about all that is new besides my avatar I just changed to my cat on here! How's everyone else doin? Rock Sign
  15. Magenta


    it was pretty decent. You know from pretty early on who the bad guy is which takes part of the fun out of it but it was okay .. I wouldnt give it any awards or anything but something to watch
  16. Magenta


    oh i enjoy him i do.. but once again on a day off due to teacher conferences he got me up at 6am anyways! at least I got some webwork done last night and managed to watch Cold Creek Manor on dvd.
  17. Magenta


    ugh!!!!!!!!!! my alarm went off at midnight the one and only night iw ent to bed early and was asleep LOL wouldnt you just know it! I raced to turn it off, turn out my cats knocked a chair over causing my recycling thing to tip over so the floor was covered in bottles and plastic containersetc.. i cleaned it up turned the alarm back on crawled into bed. well wouldnt you know it im back asleep and my phone rings i told them im fine it was an accident and went back to sleep.. just then im drifting back to sleep and all the lights start shinning into my dang windows. UGH cops all over im like GRRRRRRRRRRRRR so i try to make it to the door before they ring the bell but nope. so im all tired in my jammies and i told them "we are fine my son is sleeping please turn off your lights etc.." the cop said are you sure u arent being told to say that ugh! no im fine i want to go back to bed... i said "no we are fine please i dont want my son to wake up" he was asking me could i say what happened blahblahblah.. ugh All because they have on file that i've been stalked in the past by my ex etc am I sure he isn't there bothering me. I said "im pretty sure he isn't because he is in jail" the cop laughed and said okay well if you need anything just press the silent alarm panic button. ugh took them 30 more minutes of nosing around outside with their bright lights. i finally got back to sleep at 1am to be woken again by high winds knocking over some power lines, sirens etc ugh! could I be any more tired today? I have to revamp my entire website on http://dollicious.com because it's time for a face lift and my yearly spring cleaning. Was gonna start tonight try to finish this weekend but instead im going to rest, relax, and spend some quality couch snoozing time with my son while he watches cartoons and plays with toys! I renewed my domain names at godaddy.com yesterday and i realized i have a few more months before i have to renew with totalchoice so im going to treat myself to another year of totalchoice hosting before thats up at my birthday present to myself. Ok so enough rambling.. How is everyone else? How much sleep do you guys/gals usually get? Ever had the cops respond to an alarm late at night at your place? well at least i know they are doing their job and would be there if something bad really did happen!
  18. Saturday was my 31st birthday! I am going to treat myself to another year of totalchoice hosting!! you know why?????? cuz Rock Sign
  19. this isn't my submission it's below.. but here is a nifty little sig tag i made of my workspace a few weeks ago.. just for fun ahh and one more shot of my work station... well here is my unaltered, not even cleaned up work area.. as you can tell it's very lived in by me and my 5 year old. Lady Magenta *Laura*
  20. are you now filterng out emails from groups.msn.com ? recently I stopped recieving my groups.msn.com messages. msn insists it isn't them (not that i believe everything msn tells me LOL) anyways i just wondered if it was possible they were correct in telling me my ip or email isp was filtering out emails on their end. the group that seems to be filtered out is http://groups.msn.com/WisconsinParents of which i am very active and miss my emails!! Magenta
  21. thanks =) you guys are just all so nice!
  22. thank you everybody is so kind here
  23. Ok done I changed it to text! Thanks for being patient with me
  24. ok thanks for adding me! will change my link asap. Sorry it took so long my sister passed away and i took some time off of everything.. but im back now =)
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