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  1. whoops! http://thefinalchapter.cc/test_area/simple.php (shows the error) http://thefinalchapter.cc/test_area/simple.phps (shows the source code)
  2. This is a script that connects to a Shoutcast server page, grabs the information, then displays it on the host website. The problem is when I run in on my webspace is that it tells me the server is down, which it isn't. The script works fine on my test web server sitting next to me. I'm assuming that this type of connection cannot be made due to the configuration of your servers. I would just like a confirmation on this. Thanks for the help. http://thefinalchapter.cc/test/simple.php (shows the error) http://thefinalchapter.cc/test/simple.phps (shows the source code)
  3. My two primary machines run Windows XP pro. I have an old laptop that will probably be home for some distro of linux. Though I've never been successful at running linux for more than a few days. Eventually I manage to fry my install.
  4. Hi guys, finally decided to register and make an introduction so I can ask a question. Does anyone know of a company or freelance vbulletin style designer that has a price range from $60 to $100 for a vb style? I've submitted the same request at vbulletin.org but the only response is a company that starts at $300. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. edit: and would you believe I posted in the wrong forum... go me.
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