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Shameless Plug

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Hiya all,


I just wanted to mention that we recently gave TCH a blatantly shameless plug on our non-profit org homepage, in a meager attempt to try and express our gratitude for the incredible support you guys have shown us. Its still up at http://www.pet-abuse.com


I feel this is worth mentioning because as a policy, we do not plug other companies goods or services. As a relatively well-known non-profit, we must always maintain our impartiality to just about everything that does not have directly to do with our mission statement and goals - after all, it ultimately comes down to our reputation being on the line. This is a well-deserved exception.


Not *once* did we feel like *our* crisis wasn't as important as someone else's, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every experience I have had with every member of the TCH staff that I have had occasion to deal with.


When I first signed up, I admit I was a little nervous since there is no normal telephone support - but that was because I had temporarily forgotten the nightmares I have gone through on the phone with other hosting companies. Not only were that compeletely useless, but I had to sit on hold for 20 minutes to talk to someone who treated me like an idiot - and all on my dime!


The support TCH provides is second to none, and I have dealt with many hosting companies, of all sizes and reputations.


Imagine that - a hosting company who is affordable *and* treats you like they value your business and loyalty. Now I've seen it all!


Thanks guys - its so nice to know that I have people I can count on.


Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign

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I'll second that!


Rock Sign

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Shameless, snipe, just shameless! :goof: :unsure: :blink:


I agree - it doesn't get any better on the net than TCH. Thumbs Up


Thanks Bill, Staff & Mods for making this the best home in cyberspace. :heart


Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign

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