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I come from an awful experience with my old provider, discontinuing services in the middle of my year paid, not answering to mail to customer assistance, telling me to take legal actions if l'm not satisfied (and l did it! Lost a lot of datas...) and saying my husband on the phone that l should better take care of my child instead of writing nuts on the web.


So, it was the hell.


Four time the cost of the heaven l found here!!!

Nice people, customer oriented and very kind, always ready to give you help.

Competitive prices, fast servers, and, most of all, support of the highest standards you can imagine.


I work for an automobile brand, famous for their "star" service.


I do not see anything in TCH not to be named as "bright as a star" :D


A very very very happy customer Thumbs Up

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Hi, Black Cat!

Nice to have you here with us at TCH! I know it will always be a pleasant experience for you! :D

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Hi BlackCat.

Thanks for the kind words. It is always nice to see someone come here from a bad host and be able to actually enjoy their hosting experience! Welcome here and if you ever need anything just ask!

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This is Going to be an interesting post for People who are PRO TCH, like me.


I got a small add published in newspaper and offered FREE Subdomains, mysql along with hosting plans which are very competative, since then iam getting phone calls on Why i offered those features for FREE,

When i dont have to pay extra iam nobody to charge Extra.

1-2 of them even tried to use words which sounded like threats, They all are welcomed by me :ph34r: but they should stay in legal Limits.



I was able to Rock Cause Rock Sign



See ya,


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