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Taking Suggestions On Meta Tags

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I would really appriciate it if someone could give me a few comments on meta tags that I am using for my girl friends website.




She is going to be using this site to promote her business. I have not registered it with any websites yet because i am still trying to figure out what would be best way to set it up for search engines. The site is in flash. I know some people hate it but most design sites are in it and so we chose to go that rout. We may redo it eventually but for now that is what we have.


Now a few questions. Should I leave meta tags the way they are? Does the robot tag of index, nofollow work if i just put that on the index page and the put noindex, nofollow for the rest of the site?


Because it is in flash will crawlers have a hard time of seeing what is actually on the page? Do I need to add some alt tag descriptions or is that out dated by now?


Thanks in advance for any help you can supply. This forum has been really useful already.



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Hi Noah,

I looked at your site and have a few answers and comments for you.


1. It is great that you are getting it right before submitting it to the search engines. This is a big mistake many folks make.


2. As for Flash, go to the site and click on View Source to see exactly what the Search Engines (SE) see. You will find that since it's a flash file there is almost nothing there for an SE to use to rank your site or even list what it's about. The most common solution to this is to either redesign as HTML instead of Flash or to add some quality content below the regular screen so the SE's have something to work with. Most folks won't scroll down but if they do make sure the added content they see makes sense and is not just an obvious trick to get high rankings. This will also help visually impaired or non-flash using people to know about your friend's business.


3. Meta tags - you don't have enough, in my opinion, text for the description. Remember that this is the tag *SOME* SE's use for the description of your site. If you make it a 2-3 sentence description of what the business is about it would be better. You also have way too many keywords. For SE placement purposes you'll want to restrict your focus to 2 or 3 words or phrases. You may do the research and find that a much-searched but low-competition phrase is "interior designer". Use that for your main page but for other pages you may wish to focus on "interior design examples" or "Beautiful living rooms". Each page can have its own focus.


4. index,nofollow on the index page would cause the SE's to index your main page but never look at the other pages in your site that it links to. noindex,nofollow on the other pages would cause them to be totally ignored even if a SE happens upon it. Leaving these tags out will tell the SE to search for and index every page in your site.


5. Alt tags are not very useful in light of the fact there is not much crawlable content on your site (because of flash). A crawler will have very little to work with as it is now.


Best wishes and nice site!

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Someone may have to correct me on this, but from what I understand, search engine spiders crawl and index information contained in HTML comments. Also, I'm not sure, but you may be able to help your pages gain better search engine rank by adding selective keywords from your keywords meta tag to your comments, too. So if you are up for adding content to the bottom of your page, but don't want that content to be seen, you could opt for adding comments below the Flash content. This will help the spiders get their digs in and properly index your pages.


For instance,

... Here is the Flash content. ...
<!-- Add a description of your web site here. You can also add a description specific to this particular page of the web site. Keywords, etc. -->

If anyone finds a mistake in what I've said, please correct me. I'm in the same boat as Noah and want to get my pages optimized for search engines before I actually submit them. Better to be embarrassed and have my misunderstandings straightened out than to save face but do things wrong!



(and Happy Friday! :goof: )

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While I believe you are correct that SEs will look at comments, I would be very hesitant to use this. Consider the devastating consequences if the SE programmers decide this is just a way to spam the SEs and start penalizing you for them.


Also, from everything believable I can find, Google ignores the Keyword meta tag now. I may be wrong, but don't count on meta tags for your ranking. The hardcore, long haul, honest SEOs that I have read all say that content is the way and to avoid anything that may be viewed as spam like the plague.


The scheisters that want to take your money and run will use any trick that works today, even if it will get your site banned for the next 20 years. Be careful whom you believe - the Internet is full of people with "advice"... like me :lol: Use your own judgement and research everything you attempt thoroughly before doing it and you'll be ok. You can usually tell from a site if they are catering to fools and rip-offs or serious legitimate SEO crowds.


Best wishes! It's a jungle out there so be careful people!

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