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  1. Howdy, Just looking for peoples opinions. If you had to pick 5 search sites to register with what would they be? Noah
  2. Another thought/question before I go to bed. Do I want google to deep index this site?
  3. Hello, I would really appriciate it if someone could give me a few comments on meta tags that I am using for my girl friends website. Interiorspace She is going to be using this site to promote her business. I have not registered it with any websites yet because i am still trying to figure out what would be best way to set it up for search engines. The site is in flash. I know some people hate it but most design sites are in it and so we chose to go that rout. We may redo it eventually but for now that is what we have. Now a few questions. Should I leave meta tags the way they are? Does the robot tag of index, nofollow work if i just put that on the index page and the put noindex, nofollow for the rest of the site? Because it is in flash will crawlers have a hard time of seeing what is actually on the page? Do I need to add some alt tag descriptions or is that out dated by now? Thanks in advance for any help you can supply. This forum has been really useful already. Noah
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