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About a month ago, I was sitting right at the top of Google when I searched my name or when I searched for my domain name (robflavored), but then it fell a few places, and now it is just completely gone! I've tried a few different searches and I'm just not on there.


I obviously need to make some changes to my meta tags, which I will do, but even if they aren't up to par, wouldn't I still show up even at the bottom of Google?


The strange thing is, the subdomain I gave to a friend for his band site, shows up just fine, and hasn't jumped around any.


I'm sooo lost!


I'm pretty sure that my robots.txt file is fine, but perhaps it is the problem:


>User-agent: *
Disallow: /webmail/
Disallow: /test/
Disallow: /sc/
Disallow: /otherforumimages/
Disallow: /manage/
Disallow: /images/
Disallow: /cgi-bin/
Disallow: /PHP_Nuke/


If anyone could give me anything that would be awsome!!





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Yep. I still se it at #6 on 3 datacenters, via the google-dance tool. Are you outside the U.S.?


Anyway, the formal syntax of the meta tag, according to http://www.robotstxt.org/wc/meta-user.html is


content    = all | none | directives

all        = "ALL"

none      = "NONE"

directives = directive ["," directives]directive  = index | follow

index      = "INDEX" | "NOINDEX"

follow    = "FOLLOW" | "NOFOLLOW"


There is no content="ALLOW"



I think your tag needs fixing.




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You might know that probably the only metatag that google will even consider is the description tag. (also obeying robots commands.)


Also, I noticed you don't have keywords tag. There are still other search engines that use the keyword tag.


The robots tag ALLOW is wrong. Try searching google for the following.


name="ROBOTS" content="ALLOW"




name="ROBOTS" content="FOLLOW"


The first link has 1 match, the 2nd has 1,050.


Considering the search results from google, I'm pretty sure that ROBOTS ALLOW isn't correct.


Also, I'm quite positive that you don't have to give a robot permission to crawl your site. They're going to crawl it until you specifically tell them not to.

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        i have a site call Gohindi it shows up correctly on google only when whole word is used. break up and iam miles behind,


Any suggestions,

Remove decoration from the title tag :D

<title>Going Hindi Gets Easy, Gohindi.com</title>



also you supposed to write:

<meta NAME="Description" content="your description">

<meta name="Keywords" content="your keywords"> - the most important keywords first and do not repeat each keyword [like fonts] hundred times :lol:

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Your site does not show when I look either. It is very likely the crawler misinterpreted your "Allow" as "go away and leave me alone." If you fix it you should get hits again. It may take awhile though so hang tight.


The metas really have a miniscule effect on Google. As was mentioned, other SE's use it so it's good to have it right but it's not the cause of your drop.


Another thing is that sometimes during recalculations at Google a site will drop off and come back in a day or two. Whatever you do, don't panic and change your whole site! Fix the robots.txt and work slowly and patiently.


I couldn't find any links from other sites to you to speak of either. They help your ranking tremendously.

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Thank you very very much for pointing that out everyone. What a @$#!$@@ stupid little mistake. Yuck!


I have absolutely no idea what I was thinking when I put that in there. I occassionally will get involved in doing a part of my site, and then jump to something else without warning, so sometimes my brain is still in that mode. :(


I couldn't find any links from other sites to you to speak of either. They help your ranking tremendously.


Yeah, I am currently working on that. I'm looking for people to do link swaps, but I have to make sure that our content is somewhat related or Google will give me negative points (as per their FAQ).


I will fix this up tonight when I get home from work, and we'll see what happens.


Thanks again everyone Rock Sign



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