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Tch Is Impossible.

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I am almost convinced that you guys are fed caffeine through some sort of introveneous needle or something! :P


For those thinking of signing up for TCH... DO IT!! Rock Sign . Allow me to elaborate:


The only problem that I was experiencing was that I was unable to reach my site one day, so I immediately came to this forum and was suprised at just how quick all of the major guys around here were tracking down the problem. So it turns out that the latency issue wasn't even on TCH's end anyways, but I was very pleased that I could come here and find out that they were right on top of it, and letting their customers know that there was a problem.


Twice I've had my Tech Tickets filled in superhuman time. I mean, the one I just submitted was dealt with in 12 minutes. That's uncanny.


I'm very happy, and if I do land up designing some sites to make money, I know who my host is!




P.S. Just don't let it get to your heads :rolleyes: (J/K) Keep up the awsome service!

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When I first read this thread, my initial thought was "I wonder how this is going to show up in a Google search"


Oh well... someone looking for dirt is going to be disappointingly surprised! BWAHAHAHAAA

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There was some kind of MySQL hiccup on my site today. Which is obviously very, very bad when it is mostly php/mysql based. When I looked in cpanel, there were NO MySQL tables, and phpmyadmin wasn't letting me in.


I posted an URGENT ticket at 1:41. I then was about to try to IM somebody, as my site was totally down.


At 1:44, before I got in touch with anybody, everything was back.

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