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Lost A Script :(

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I have had this script for a while now, and now cannot find it.

The action is for image galleries and loading them into a central screen on click


What it is:

open gallery in a page

on the page, thumbnails are surrounding a central background type image

when you click on the thumbnail, the image fades into the central image and fills that speace.


Any help? I have seen it in some places, but cannot recall where either.



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If you are familiar with javascript you can just use the below script and modify as necessary:




<script type="text/javascript">



//Specify image paths and optional link (set link to "" for no link):

var dynimages=new Array()

dynimages[0]=["photo1.jpg", "http://www."]'>http://www."]'>http://www."]

dynimages[1]=["photo2.jpg", "http://www."]

dynimages[2]=["photo3.jpg", "http://www."]


//Preload images ("yes" or "no"):

var preloadimg="no"


//Set optional link target to be added to all images with a link:

var optlinktarget=""


//Set image border width

var imgborderwidth=0


//Optionally, change 1.0 and 0.7 below to affect Wipe gradient size and duration in seconds in IE5.5+:

var filterstring="progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.GradientWipe(GradientSize=1.0 Duration=0.7)"


///////No need to edit beyond here/////


if (preloadimg=="yes"){

for (x=0; x<dynimages.length; x++){

var myimage=new Image()





function returnimgcode(theimg){

var imghtml=""

if (theimg[1]!="")

imghtml='<a href="'+theimg[1]+'" target="'+optlinktarget+'">'

imghtml+='<img src="'+theimg[0]+'" border="'+imgborderwidth+'">'

if (theimg[1]!="")


return imghtml



function modifyimage(loadarea, imgindex){

if (document.getElementById){

var imgobj=document.getElementById(loadarea)

if (imgobj.filters && window.createPopup){





if (imgobj.filters && window.createPopup)


return false









<a href="#" onMouseover="modifyimage('dynloadarea', 0)">image 1 (onmouseover)</a><br>

<a href="#" onMouseover="modifyimage('dynloadarea', 1)">image 2 (onmouseover)</a><br>

<a href="#" onClick="return modifyimage('dynloadarea2', 2)">image 3 (onclick)</a><p>


<div id="dynloadarea" style="width:80px;height:225px"></div>


<div id="dynloadarea2" style="width:80px;height:200px"></div>




The section within the body is where you specify how to set up the thumbnails to display the larger images.

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Nice work Jackie...


Hey, I haven't seen you around here before! Come around other parts of the Forums if you can!

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Just an FYI :) ... Jackie is a friend of my wife and me... She is a great lady!


Thanks Jax!


:D Welcome to the family!!! :dance:


Edited by TCH-Glenn

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:D Welcome to the family Jackie :dance:

Wow first post,

and helping out already.


way to go Thumbs Up


Looking forward to seeing here often. :)

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