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Way To Extract/email Stats To Customers


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You might want to open a support ticket for this issue.

The link is at the top of this page (Help Desk)


I figure it will take some sort of stats tool, but am simply not sure.

...Unless someone else knows how to do this.



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A support ticket isnt the way to go, since this isn't something we would provide support for.


There are several programs available for reading raw log files and outputting stats as HTML documaents, but they are more work than they are worth considering all of the info awstats makes available via your cpanel.


There is a quick rundown of the basic of awstats here that might help you educate your clients on how to read it.

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With my old server, I used to be able to "print" the stats document as a pdf file, then email and, (yes it's true) snail mail a hard copy to the client . .along with the billing statement :D .


That process doesn't work for me with tch, cause I can't seem to get a pdf from the sub-frame (only the main frame).


Anyhow, if you can figure it out, it's an easy way to provide stat info to a client. . . You can also create a "stats" folder with links to the pdf files within the clients site. . . they can access the file through a link without downloading a large file through email.



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