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Page Rank Improvement?

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I am astonished at the breadth/depth of knowledge of the TCH family...so I'm unashamedly asking for help:


Vesprini Family Home Page is my first (Frontpage) site. When I google the word "Vesprini" alone it ranks 125. When I add the word "Family" it jumps to 8. How can I improve the rank on the single word search?


Perhaps it's beyond my means but I thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks!


Gratefully Yours,




ps: I just submitted my site to TCH-Scott for adding an inbound link

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Hi, Norman!


Welcome to The Family! :)


Scott will give you tons of advice if you requested a "Search Engine Rank Evaluation" when you submitted your site for the link.


But, at a quick glance, I would say that the first thing you can do is bump up the content on your pages. For example, on your news page instead of:


We moved to New Jersey in August of 2000 and were married in Michigan in July of 2001. We moved into  our first house in July of 2002.
say this:
The Vesprinis moved to New Jersey in August...etc


In other words, choose appropriate places to use your family name in the content of your site!! If you can come up with some content for your homepage that would allow you to use your family name a few times, that would be a plus.


Also, you can tweak the "alt" attribute contents. For example, instead of:


make your "alt" attribute say:
alt="Iron Skillet Tara Vesprin"i



Add keywords and descriptions for each page as well.


This will get you on a good start. Scott will probably have more wonderful thoughts to add!! I spent two or three days making changes after he reviewed my site!!!!!

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Thanks! I appreciate your thoughtful and expert advice. Indeed I'll probably spend a few days (or the weekend) addressing your suggestions. And, hopefully, I'll get some good ideas from Scott too. I feel like such a novice at all this...but we all have to start somewhere!





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Not a problem, Norman. I am not an expert, though...by far. Once your foot is in the door with this "search engine optimization" business, you'll understand that my suggestions were far from expert. It is indeed a deep pool!!! :)


And by the way...99% of everything I've learned about this particular topic has been learned right here at TCH!!

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