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  1. BUSTED! Here is our son Leo who, once again, escaped his crib and made his way to the computer. Leo Loves Total Choice Hosting! Visit his site at Leo's World
  2. Thank you, Rick. I have submitted a help desk ticket regarding reprovisioning the site. I hope it works! Sincerely, Norman Vesprini
  3. Looking for help/suggestions re: Frontpage 2k on new computer = big publishing problems. Would like to start from scratch again (delete current sites, remove & reinstall FP extensions, change password) in hopes that probs will be solved. Can I do that? How? Which folders to delete/save from Cpanel? Is this a poor idea? Please advise. BTW now have Dreamweaver MX am in process of learning it/building new sites...can't wait to dump FP but would still like to update current sites until new ones go up! Thanks. ~Norman
  4. Thanks. Bruce: Indeed I'm pretty sure that is what happened. Can I then just upload everything to ftp://ftp.mydomain.us/public_html? Actually I'll give that a try anyhow and see if it works. Thanks for everyone's help. I'm grateful that the TCH family is there to help out those of us with moderate skill levels! Sincerely, Norman
  5. Rob: I pulished to ftp://ftp.mydomain.us. I will try uininstalling/reinstalling the Frontpage extensions (I actually did that once but I'll do it again. Not getting the system errror when I publish directly to the ftp:// address. ~Norman
  6. Rob: I have been working on solving this problem and have figured this much out: I am able to publish directly to the ftp address of my site using Frontpage 2000 but I'm not quite sure where that is going because, when I viewed the site after the publish, the changes were not visible. Can you help? Any suggestions deeply appreciated... Yours, Norman Vesprini
  7. Yikes! My nice new machine (XP Pro/Office 2003) won't allow me to publish using the FP 2000 publish utility... First I get "System exception: Access violation (oh boy that doesn't sound good) then the still worse "The instruction at 0x67bc0953 referenced memory at 0x61746e6f...the memory could not be "read"...Click OK to terminate the program. Oooh termination that cant' be pleasant! Anyhow I don't quite know what to do. Any help is grrreatly appreciated. And I know, FP sucks but it's all I have/know for now until I can afford/learn something better. Suggestions?! ~Norman norman@vesprini.us
  8. Hello! Please add the site for The Tabor House. There is a link to TCH on the index page. The Tabor House is a group of men living in a community that embraces the dignity once lost to addiction. Many thanks. ~Norman Vesprini
  9. Here we go...good luck everyone! ~Norman
  10. Scott: I made (I think) all or most of the changes you suggested (Vesprini Family Home Page), including changing titles and adding keyword and description meta tags. i'm hoping it helps. Thanks again for your help (and honesty!): Indeed it looks better (and less cheesy) without the counter! ~Norman Rock Sign
  11. Scott: Thanks, and Yikes! I've got some homework to do. All great suggestions. I know what I'll be doing this weekend... What happens if my website gets spidered before I make all the changes???? Am I banished to the "IshouldhavelearnedmoreabouthisstuffbeforeIpublishedbywebsite" section of the www? I hope not! Learning (extremely) quickly, ~Norman
  12. Tracy, Thanks! I appreciate your thoughtful and expert advice. Indeed I'll probably spend a few days (or the weekend) addressing your suggestions. And, hopefully, I'll get some good ideas from Scott too. I feel like such a novice at all this...but we all have to start somewhere! Yours, Norman
  13. I am astonished at the breadth/depth of knowledge of the TCH family...so I'm unashamedly asking for help: Vesprini Family Home Page is my first (Frontpage) site. When I google the word "Vesprini" alone it ranks 125. When I add the word "Family" it jumps to 8. How can I improve the rank on the single word search? Perhaps it's beyond my means but I thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks! Gratefully Yours, Norman ps: I just submitted my site to TCH-Scott for adding an inbound link
  14. Dear Scott: Please add this, my first (Frontpage) site. Vesprini Family Home Page Vesprini Family Home Page Description: The Home Page of the Tara and Norman Vesprini Family. I've added a link to TCH at the bottom of the index page. I also recommended TCH to a friend and he signed up yesterday! I think TCH is great. Any comments/suggestions would be helpful and most appreciated. Hope I did this correctly...it's my first post ever anywhere! Sincerely Yours, Norman Vesprini
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