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Gotta Be Stardock


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I have to say that without a doubt, my favourite software program is Stardock's Object Desktop. No question about it at all.


The reason for that is I am able to twist and turn XP into a real graphical interface that reflects how I operate on a regular basis, and then change it to suit my mood. For example, if I have just spent hours on the Mac and come to the Windows box to work on my web site (www.troyandbrian.com), I can have the Windows environment work, look, and feel just like the Mac's OSX. I have a total of 4 built skins, each configured differently depending on how I am going to use the Windows box.


Now, if we are talking web related, I am a FrontPage junkie going back to version 1.1 (before Microsoft bought it) up to FP 2003. I also own GoLive 6.01 as well, but find it to be confusing.

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