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Choosing A Business Name


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I have considered myself as Lunar Magic Designs for something like 5 years now, even though I've never done paid freelance work. Now I am starting to build up a professional business, now that I have some practical experience, college education, and world knowledge. In that time I have gotten a not-so-positive response to my name. When I hand out my email address as "natalie@lunarmagicdesigns.com" people look at me twice and just generally don't take me seriously. I'm a girl, I look young, and this name is really not helping that image. After considerable deliberation, I have decided to break stride and find a new business name.


Here are my considerations:

- I want something that isn't frilly, isn't girly. I need something clean-lined, professional, and a little techy (I do programming, web design, etc).

- I want something more or less easily pronouncable and spellable. In my writing I love substituding y's for i's, but if I were to tell people (outloud) that my domain name is "xandrycaera.com" I'm all but shooting myself in the foot.

- I need something that translates into a relatively short domain name. "goldensunsetskydesigns.com" is just too much. (So is my current "lunarmagicdesigns.com, IMO). Also, I'm staying away from hyphens, for the spelling reason.


My business name is going to be used primarily as an email address/domain name. My business will be a small freelance type deal, I have no desires on creating a multi-million-dollar empire. I want to someday work in-house for a company doing programming, but I need a professional email address to put on my resume (and to communicate with).


With that background, here are my questions:


1: In a professional environment, is .com the only accepted domain extension? How acceptable are .biz, .info, .ws, .cc? (I would go for a .ca or .us, but I am a canadian citizen finishing school in canada and then planning to move to the states, so I don't feel limiting myself would be a good idea)


2: Given the situation where I have a list of domain names that I'm okay with and people favor one that has no .com extension available, should I go with the favored domain .biz or choose a different domain .com?


3: Given a list of business/domain names that aren't foofy/girly, and people I ask favor one name but I personally feel a different one would be more "me", that I feel more of an affinity for, should I go with my instincts, or follow the general concensus?


4: Which is better: making up a name by combining two words or changing spellings, or going with a name based on a real (or commonly accepted) word that will have been used before by someone, somewhere?



I will very much appreciate any advice anyone can give, I've been frying my brain trying to work this stuff out the past few days and am hoping for a few more objective opinions (my boyfriend and friends are nice, but sometimes a bit too involved - or not experienced enough - to give a good opinion). Thank you in advance.

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My 2c worth :dance:


1. .com is not the only acceptable name, but people tend to put a .com after your name if they know who you are and want to get to your website. ie. if you are lunardesigns, then in my mind most people will try lunardesigns.com to find you. When they don't they may go to the search engine and find you (but if lunardesigns.com offers what they want they may just stay there).


2. If the .com is not available - I would look what the .com site is about - if it is offering services similar to you, then I would not take the .biz name for the reasons outlined above


3. Personally I would go with my instincts. Believe in yourself and have confidence, because you are right - you know more about your company, direction and what you wish to present than they do. Your subconscious will tell you the right answer :)


4. I favour creating something new, that way there is no problem with being unique, and easily found in searches. However, that is my personal bias and anyway I would have more faith in 3, above.


I hope that helps



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Thank you muchly.


Just a comment to number 2: a LOT of the names I've come up with that I can't register the .com for, there is no .com website found when I type it in or it's "coming soon" or some other advertising thing. That ticks me off in such a bad way! It's feels like such a waste of a limited resource.

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Yes, it does me to - usually someone who has bought a domain name on the grounds that it might be useful to someone - they will usually sell it to you for to much money - but you can always try out your negotiating skills if it is one you really like.

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Hm... Perhaps I should put more thought into my business name (Darqness Enterprises).


To be honest, one of the most important things for a business name is that it's easy to remember. Yahoo is really easy to remember, for example. Even Total Choice Hosting can be difficult sometims, unless you're a recurring customer.

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