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Help A New Boy Please


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Hi all,

I am new here and hope you can be of some assistance.

I am currently getting a new website together (should be ready in 3 months)

so Im going to get it professionally optimized, Should I have this done before submitting it to the search engines ,after,or does it make no difference?

Is there anywhere I can find out which keywords would be best ,i`ts a UK only site

in a competitive market.

Thanks in advance

;) nce

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Welcome to the family. ;)


Once you get your site closer to completion remember to ask for a review and to be added to the family links section so we can get you some extra links that will surely boost your impact.

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To answer your question: YES.


I have always found it best to optimize before release (i.e. it is easier to get ranked well out of the gate as opposed to chasing the pack from the rear).

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