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Aol And Setting Up Pop3 For Outlook

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AOL, as far as I know, never has offered POP3 and probably never will. They don't want users going outside the "AOL Experience" and can't annoy you with that annoying "You've got mail" voice. (You have got mail? Nice grammar!)


Now that they have the new "AOL Communicator" product I don't think there is any chance of getting POP3 out of them


You can, however, get to the internet via AOL and set up Outlook to access POP3 mail on another service such as your TCH emails. Just point Outlook to the TCH email services as mentioned in your sign on email and it should work without a problem.

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I'm a member of CompuServe which is owned by AOL.


I found the information for setting up Outlook Express by going to the CompuServe "E-mail and Communication" Forum which sent me to a page which was quite detailed.

I did not have any problem setting OLE up for a POP 3 account and also to get my CompuServe mail.

I continue to use CompuServe as my primary E-mail service.

I just use OLE to get email from my domain, instead of opening up their control panel.


Perhaps AOL has some type of "E-mail and Communication" Forum that you can go to for the setup.



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Here are some options that may help for AOL and sending mail from Outlook or OE.


If you are using AOL as your ISP, all outgoing email is automatically routed through the AOL SMTP servers, regardless of the settings in your email client. DO NOT USE SMTP AUTHENTICATION (AOL does not require it).


This was last updated Aug 23rd of this year.


Might be worth it to give it a try.


You can also try setting your SMTP to one of these za.mx.aol.com, zb.mx.aol.com, or zc.mx.aol.com.


I cant say for sure if it will work as I do not have AOL but it is one setting and takes a minute to set up or change.


Set your incoming to whatever your domain email address is and let me know.

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