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  1. Samantha I don’t know if this makes a different or not, probably not in your case. My old PC running Windows 98 SE has Outlook 98 running, which I used for the longest time to keep a Calendar for my appointments. When I purchased the new PC that contained Windows ME and Office XP along with Outlook 2002, I quickly uninstalled Outlook 2002, it wasn’t running the same way as my old Outlook was and installed Outlook 98, I don’t use mail connections in Outlook 98, just the Calendar set ups. I did use Outlook Express 5 to receive and send mail as a back up method. When I installed Internet Explorer 6, Outlook Express 6 came with internet Explorer 6 and I continue to use OLE 6 as a back up mail method. I hope you work your problem out. Richard
  2. Bill I always wanted to play around with Streaming Video .wmv files. I put together a quickie video together using one of Windows sample .wmv files and using an .asx file so Windows media player would open. There was not any problem with what I did, there was a problem when I substituted the Root 66 URL in the .asx file. My test site is at, http://rjskon.com/streaming_video/. I eliminated a lot of the .asx file that you posted. Here is what I used, <ASX version = "3.0"> <Entry> <Ref href = "http://www.rjskon.com/streaming_video/Windows Movie Maker Sample File.wmv" /> <Banner href="http://www.rjskon.com/streaming_video/Richard's_Video.jpg"> <Abstract>Test Video By Richard</Abstract> </Banner> </Entry> </ASX> Richard
  3. Jim, Thomas A few weeks ago I had to renew my hard drive which had been toasted. The replacement of the new 120 Gig Hard Drive went good, the only problem was that I had gotten a lot of Adware from somewhere, some of the Adware was even showing up on my Desktop as program icons, one being “business.exe”. Off to CompUSA I go and pick up myself a program called “Spy Sweeper” $29.95 and well worth it, The first run of Spy Sweeper picked up 135 Adware programs and cookies, the program places the Adware and cookies in Quarantine and either the Adware or Cookies can be deleted or kept if they are needed. The program works like Norton Anti Virus definitions, you can update the Adware Definitions with Spy Sweeper. I run Spy Sweeper every couple of days it takes about 24 minutes to go through the hard drive, Spy Sweeper is continually finding the same Adware, I’ll have to do a test and see where the Adware is coming from, they have to come from a site that I frequent a lot. I never had this problem with Adware when my old Hard Drive was running fine. Richard
  4. Nat Have you set up Windows Media Player, Tools Options, Format, check the video file box, that will tell the media player to play .avi files. There is also a set up in real player. Richard
  5. Eric Here is something interesting evidentially the is no version 5. On page, http://www.macromedia.com/support/dreamwea...s.html#updaters For trail users of dreamweaver about 1/2 the way down the page, "Trial users (English only): If you have a trial version of Dreamweaver MX 2004 You can download the updater and extend your trial by 30 days. All you need to do is:: I don't know if that upgrader would help you any. Rihard
  6. Eric Wasn't the problem just with version 3 and version 4 and isn't there now a version 5. Richard
  7. Eric Yes, I saw that page when I went to their site. I registered to download a copy of dreamwaver and to be placed on their mailing list, that's when I saw system requirementsand that page URL I placed in an earlier post. While I was sending you that previous post I tried that URL and it sent me to their 404 page, the browser window was still open that contained that page, so I took a snap shot of it and published it, it's here, http://rjskon.com/Dreamer/, the bottom of th page is cut off a little. Richard
  8. Toadly I used your form and substituted one of my Cut and Paste Form actions for yours. Try your form, it will send you a thank you email and if you don't enter your email address it will send you to an error page, give it a try. it's at, http://rjskon.com/toadly_form/, some of the fields on your form may need cleaning up. Richard
  9. Toadly Perhaps I can help you a little, I have used MS Publisher in the past to generate forms and web sites, if you go to http://www.rjskon.com/cut_paste/, the two largest forms there were created using MS Pub. All those forms that are shown on that page use a remote Cgi-Bin that contains the FormMail Script that make the forms work, there is no need for perl, cgi or php script. I use http://cutandpastescripts.com/ to do that, There is not any problem setting up any FormMail perl script, it's all done for you. You can set up a Error Page and a Success Page plus the script will mail a thank you Email to the sender of the form, there is not any recipients email address shown in the code. All you have to do is register at Cut and paste Scripts, it's two easy page to fill in on how you want your form to work an than they will post a couple of lines of code that you copy and paste where you have the Form Action an example<form action="http://www.cutandpastescripts.com/cgi-bin/formprocessing/forms.pl" method="post"> you will also paste in your user ID. If you need any help, just let me know and I'll be glad to help you. Richard
  10. Eric It looks as if there is a patch to correct the problem of Dreamweaver 4 not running with Windows ME it's at, http://www.macromedia.com/support/dreamwea...preview_me.htm., from what I see the problem was related to hang-ups when Previewing. When you said that ME and Dreamweaver were not compatable, I was supprised, because I was thinking of downloading a trail version of Dreamweaver myself to see what it's all about, I run Windows ME also. Richard
  11. Jim The best part about using an WYSIWYG Editor is that there isn't much time wasted writing code and you can get a web page up and published in just a few minutes, instead of spending a lot of time writing code. My sites do extremely well with the Google, it takes about two weeks for them to get listed in Google. Eric You may want to check into the academic version of Dreamweaver, if you qualify, you may be eligible to purchase it, it would probably be cheaper than Net fusion and you will have something decent. Richard
  12. Eric I also use a program called ViaPage it's a WYSIWUG html Editor, to create forms and do some HTML that I use in CuteSITE Builder, you can enter html code in CuteSITE builder either through the page or in a "Insert HTML" container. For the Flash menus and Flash animations I use Swish2. For the css stylesheets , I use TopStyle The Help Page at TCH, http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/, was created using CuteSITE Builder, by one of the gurus here TCH KW KW, also has a CuteSITE Help site that he has created using CuteSite Builder, it's at, http://csbsupport.com, there are all sorts of tidbits there. There is also another CUteSITE Builder Help site at, http://samisite.com, with more goodies. And if you should need additional Design Templates, I have some Freebies at, http://rjskon.com/templates. Richard
  13. Eric If you're looking for a WYSIWYG Editor, you may want to try the 30 day free demo that CuteSITE Builder offers at, http://www.globalscape.com/cutesitebuilder/ Don't let the name CuteSite be miss leading, it should have been named "EasySite Builder", this software is created by the same folks that have Cute HTML and Cute FTP, plus many other software programs. TCH also has a Help Forum for CuteSite Builder users, from what I see many folks that visit this Forum are users of CuteSite Builder, about a year ago TCH was promoting CuteSite Builder and was to sell the software at a discounted price, I don't know what happened. I Have used Trellix Web in the past which is now renamed CuteSITE Builder. Here is a sample of what it can do, http://meowwebdesigns.com/graphics. I figured I might as well jump on the bandwagon and toss my hat in the ring and sell something like everyone else that uses a HTML Editor. BTW, CuteSITE builder has a FormMail wizard which uses GlobalScape's Cgi-Bin and the form is very easy to set up. Richard PS, if you are looking to save money, you can use Microsoft Publisher, that usually comes packaged with MS office, or you could use MS Word to publish a site, I have used both in the past.
  14. When I put something together, I usually run it through Netscape 4.7 and if it works there, it will run in any browser. I don't know how many folks still use Netscape 4.7, but they say it's very little. Your home page, http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/ is a complete disaster when viewed in Netscape 4.7 When viewed in Netscape 6.2, the Flash banner recycles and the menu tabs don't cascade upward. I get the same results in Firebird 0.7 It seems to run good in Netscape 7.1 Richard
  15. Kaula Not saying that this is your problem, but I had a similar experience With Windows ME and IE 6 a few weeks ago. I purchased Turbo Tax and received Norton Professional with a super rebate package, I loaded Norton in and started to have a problem with IE 6 hanging up. I uninstalled Norton Professional and exchanged it for just plain Norton AntiVirus, which didn't have the Norton Firewall and other stuff, everything is now back to normal and running fine. Richard
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