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Vps - Managed/unmanaged ?


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I've been a TCH customer with a shared hosting plan. Has been trouble free since I signed up. I currently have a couple VPS accounts that I use at other providers.


One has cpanel/whm and is fully managed, which means they will pretty much help me with ANY issues, investigate those issues and resolve those issues. Even if it was me being a dummy and did something wrong. I rarely need support since I can usually manage the VPS myself right from the command line, but on those occasions when help is needed, they were immediately available. I just had to open up my firewall to let them in.


Then I have another VPS which is UN-managed. They do have support, but it is VERY limited. They basically just make sure the servers are powered on, services start up, very basic limited support. They do not investigate issues or really help you with any of the management software installed, if any. Of course the price difference is huge between the two.


Also the un-managed VPS I have constantly gets blacklisted. The entire pool of IP addresses at the host gets blacklisted so I'm always unable to send emails when I really need to. The hosting company doesn't actively care about it and just changes your node or doesn't even follow up. I've been with my managed VPS for over 2 years and that has never happened.


I'm in no desperate need, but was curious about the VPS here since my shared has been so nice and trouble free here.



Thanks TCH!







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Our VPS is all hosted on super fast SSD. There are no internal spinning hard drives, it is all SSD. Very fast.

Our unmanaged VPS is simply that unmanaged. However, we always like to help our clients but we do know when we are being taken advantage of. I hope that makes sense.

Concerning blacklisted IP's. Every host fights this battle. Our VPS IP blocks are not and have not been blacklisted. We are very tough on spamming. In the event that an IP does get listed and is effecting you simply open a ticket with the help desk and we have immediate solution that will make all your email deliverable again. So there is never a worry about blacklisting!

Our unmanaged plans do not include cPanel but our managed plans are inclusive with cPAnel/WHM.

Hope this helps and thanks for your business.

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