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  1. Too bad it is not on a public server like most are. I'm always hanging around IRC for my other interests. Mostly on Freenode.
  2. I've been a TCH customer with a shared hosting plan. Has been trouble free since I signed up. I currently have a couple VPS accounts that I use at other providers. One has cpanel/whm and is fully managed, which means they will pretty much help me with ANY issues, investigate those issues and resolve those issues. Even if it was me being a dummy and did something wrong. I rarely need support since I can usually manage the VPS myself right from the command line, but on those occasions when help is needed, they were immediately available. I just had to open up my firewall to let them in. Then I have another VPS which is UN-managed. They do have support, but it is VERY limited. They basically just make sure the servers are powered on, services start up, very basic limited support. They do not investigate issues or really help you with any of the management software installed, if any. Of course the price difference is huge between the two. Also the un-managed VPS I have constantly gets blacklisted. The entire pool of IP addresses at the host gets blacklisted so I'm always unable to send emails when I really need to. The hosting company doesn't actively care about it and just changes your node or doesn't even follow up. I've been with my managed VPS for over 2 years and that has never happened. I'm in no desperate need, but was curious about the VPS here since my shared has been so nice and trouble free here. Thanks TCH!
  3. Not canceling. I'll admit when I'm wrong and was on this one. My FTP program wasn't setup properly since I have very specific settings for my other connections I was using those profiles. Once I used the default profile, worked fine using sFTP and port 22. Cpanel user / cpanel PW. I have asked the previous post to be removed. It was quite rude.
  4. God, I had to bring up such an old topic, but security and encryption is paramount these days. People using not using encryption for transferring files of any nature is just asking for it. I have yet been able to connect to TCH using encryption. I have tried CoreFTP, FileZilla and WinSCP. I have used my cpanel/owner name and password, as I'm the only one using the account. I've tried both ports, 21 and 22. I've tried: Explicit FTP over TLS Require explicit over TLS Require implicit over TLS My server is fekete.tchmachines.com Is there a true way to transfer files with encryption? If anyone can point in the right direction that would be great. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys thanks for the welcoming! Very glad to be here. After me confirming the settings out with "<? phpinfo(); ?>" I found out everything was good and nothing needs to be done anyway. Apparently the installer was reporting back incorrect information. I appreciate the quick response and have a great day guys. Mike
  6. That's right, I was thinking of reseller account. Right now with my shared account it is like a reseller account which I'm able to setup many domain names, and each has their own cpanel. I do want that ability so I will check out the reseller prices to see if I afford those. Thank you. I thought of a question.... With the shared account, I'm still able to create addon domains, right?
  7. I have been with the same hosting company for a long time and the service has gradually gotten worse. I'm running an SMF forum with about 1000 users, but only 100 area really active. For some odd reason this small forum is setting off alarms and red flags on my current hosting provider. They have this RP (resource points) system and if you go over a certain amount of points they shut you down and just give you options to upgrade and pay more. They throw you into a corner and try to exploit you into upgrading because they are the only ones that can turn your site back on. After several hours of asking them to turn it back on, I was lucky enough to get it turned back on. They told me they would "review my resource points" in 48 hours and see if they need to shut me down again. And this is all because of a small SMF forum. Well, needless to say I do not want to have this happen again so I'm moving out of there before they shut me off again. Right now I have a few domains. Each domain has it's own full cpanel. Is that how TCH is also? Is there like one main account/domain, then any domain added to the account is it a subforum or does it have it's down cpanel and control? Thanks
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