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Ssl Certificate Renewal Process Needs Help


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Let me start by saying, I love TCH. I have been using TCH for my client's for over 13 years. Great price, good service, and fast servers. However, the SSL Certificate renewal process leaves much to be desired. I wonder if it would be possible to streamline the process and make it as pain free as the hosting renewal is?

Recently my client received an email from William (automated I'm sure), saying that the SSL certificate is due to expire in a couple months and they should contact TCH to renew it. My client then opens a support ticket to renew the SSL and is given a link to follow to pay for the renewal (still wonder why this can't be done through the billing account website where hosting renewal takes place). My client then pays the amount necessary for renewal and follows up on the support ticket saying that it has been paid (which always confuses my clients, "Why don't they know I have paid already?"). Then my client is notified that the SSL certificate isn't due to expire for a couple months and should wait until the last couple days before expiration to renew to get the full 12 months. Fair enough, but can't that be taken care of by TCH? After all, the request was made by the TCH email to contact them for renewal and I think it should be assumed that renewal should take place at the last possible moment to get the full 12 month life of the SSL certificate. This process always confuses my clients and then the next question to me is always, "why don't we switch to a different host?".

Anyway, I guess this comes down to a feature request. Can SSL Certificate renewal be handled like hosting renewal? Just automatically charge the CC# on file and automatically renew the certifiate at the proper time? Or are there issues with doing it this way?


Thanks for any changes you can make to the process to streamline.

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So another year has passed and still having issues with the SSL renewal process. My clients gets an email that says they are due to renew their SSL certificate (which doesn't expire for two months). They contact TCH support to renew as directed by the email they received and this is the response.


"Your certificate is valid till May and if renewing now, the remaining valid days will get wasted. The certificate only need to be renewed few days before the expiry date. You can re-open this ticket or open a new one before 2-3 days of certificate expiry date." From Tina Garrison.


Why do you direct them to contact support and get told they shouldn't contact support yet? Last year they took the payment and then support team waited until the last few days to purchase and install the new SSL. What happened to that policy? I do love TCH, but this SSL renewal process is becoming worse every year. I just wonder why it can't auto renew like everything else does, or your email reminder be more clear to clients so they don't feel confused by the process.


Bill, please look into possibly fixing this. Or setting a better more consistant policy. Please?

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I apologize that our staff gave you an incorrect reply and it will be addressed. Please reopen your ticket, it will be handled as soon as possible.


As a general reference for anyone else that reads this thread, our standard certificates CAN be renewed up to 60 days in advance as stated in our renewal notices.

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