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Program To Manage Mysql Databases

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I had a nice program to manage my databases but my motherboard failed and I decided to get a new computer at that time but now I can't find that program. My old system files were transferred over but nothing there rings a bell so now I need a new one (or perhaps something someone mentions will make me remember).


So, any suggestions for a good (and free) program to manage databases? I know I can do it through cpanel (or used to) but I prefer to use another program.


Thanks :)

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As TCH-Dick said MySQL do two nice ones, MySQL Query Browser (for executing queries etc) and MySQL Administrator (i think its called, for managing the structure of the DB itself)



I also use PHPMyAdmin (which is what you get in CPanel) on my localhost

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This worked for me:


1. Go into CPanel and under "Remote MySQL", put your own IP address (if you are behind a router, then probably you want the IP address of the router...the one assigned by your ISP.

2. Start MySQL Administrator.

3. Enter your domain name for the "Service Host". I left the port at 3306.

4. For your username, enter the username of one of your MySQL users (the MySQL usernames will all begin with your CPanel username and an underscore).

5. Enter the corresponding password for that MySQL user.


Once connected, it should let you see all the databases to which that user has been given privileges.

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