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  1. I've noticed a tremendous delay when submitting a support ticket at https://support.totalchoicehosting.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit/RenderForm... I have one submitting right now and it's been trying to submit for about 3 minutes so far. Generally if I let them submit long enough they make it! But this one is trying, and trying, and trying. Is something amiss?
  2. My site is on Matra and just received this message from a site I manage there, a global membership site: "Got a message just now from a member that they sent a prospect to our website and they were not able to access. What is linked to our url now is WORSE than nothing. Please let me know you have received this message. Sorry to interrupt your Saturday. " Otherwise, someone else's site is now showing up rather than chenetwork.org ...
  3. My client is pretty set on leaving TCH hosting without a resolution to this issue. So far no responses on this ... any help appreciated.
  4. Thanx Dick ... I've used the connector that comes w/ Access and the one that you reference in your link and both have failed with same error. And, this is also with firewall turned off.
  5. HI have had TCH support looking this over and they confirm that my remote mysql ip settings are ok but cannot provide any help as to why I cannot connect via Access 2010. Here are my steps - any help appreciated. 1. Create a new blank database 2. Select External Data 3. Select ODBC database 4. Link to the data source 5. Select Machine Data Source tab 6. Select New 7. Select SQL driver 8. Name = Authuser MySQL 9. Description = Online Login Credentials 10. Server = serverIP 11. Next 12. Select With SQL Authentication 13. Login Id = usernameof dB 14. Password = passwordof dB
  6. @sweetlati - It does look like Sokkit is no longer available - http://www.sokkit.net/ - unfortunate, because it was a well working resource for PHP that didn't require a web server. I would recommend, if you're wanting to learn PHP - that you get a domain name, setup a hosting account here with TCH, then purchase this book in paper or digital - and start coding through the examples in it. You'll be PHPing in no time. Book: http://www.sitepoint.com/books/phpmysql5/
  7. Thanx ... I'll give that a try and see what happens. Should know by the end of today!
  8. I extremely dislike the new CPanel login. I have quite a few TCH clients and thus I am in and out of various CPanels daily. I use RoboForm to remember logins. The new CPanel refuses to work with RoboForm ... thus creating more work for yours truly. Just airing. It looks great but functionally it's a step backwords in login capabilty.
  9. Thanx for the news ... TCH support is the best I've ever experienced. Keep up the great work!
  10. Can't wait ... good news this is!
  11. Thank you everyone ... yes, it was a very fun day!
  12. I've put a cron job in place via my cpanel and wanted to check to see if my setup is correct for my command line, which is /home/myserversname/public_html/mydirectory/myjob.php Thanx.
  13. Wow .. this thread sure has a good life and created lots of dialogue! Nice. In a nutshell.. in my experience, Spam Assassin needs to be ignored. All filtering levels are just basically useless. I've gone the route of purchasing a subscription to SpamArrest for $50 a year (there are others out there, too) in order to filter my email accounts and am now one happy camper. Spam Assassin seemed to work fine about a year or so ago and then it began to degrade dramatically till it simply just doesn't do the job. The spammers are gettin' smarter at the same time, too.
  14. I finally gave up on Spam Assassin myself and went to www.spamarrest.com ... and gladly pay their annual fee to prevent thousands of emails every month from the bad boys and girls getting into my inbox. I have about ten email addresses I use and this has proven to be one of the best things I've done pertaining to email management.
  15. Difference between PayPal and a merchant account... - a merchant account charges a monthly fee, and a transaction fee per transaction. The monthly fee is regardless of use. PayPal does not charge a monthly fee for online transactions. - a merchant account will require you to have a SSL certificate. SSL security is included with PayPal Just a couple other things to consider in the cost process. I find PayPal is the best route for low volume (say less than $5000 to $10000 a month) activity versus a merchant account.
  16. Thank you ... much appreciated... I'll definitely check that out!
  17. Can anyone suggest a script or perhaps even a web site where I can input a nameserver and have all of the web sites on the nameserver listed out?
  18. Thanx for the reply ... as I was waiting to a response to my post I continued searching the Net for something and came upon this little resource, too. Seems to work well. Not quite as easy as just clicking something but will accomplish the goal in the long run. Can't beat the cost too. Appreciate your reply!
  19. I understand that PHP PDF libraries cannot be installed on my TCH server (via support). I am wanting to create a PDF dynamicaly from PHP/MySQL data ... any suggestions as to how to accomplish?
  20. I know there is a forum post somewhere that tells what the TCH hosting email sending limits are, something like x emails in x seconds. But I shore can find it through searching. Can you help out?
  21. Decided I would utilize the services of www.authsmtp.com to send a copy of all outgoing emails to another address. Just a note back on this post letting you know about the solution I chose/found.
  22. Both ... didn't think there was a way but was hoping.
  23. Is there a way that all outgoing email, sent by all email accounts on my server, to go to an email address?
  24. I want someone else to get a copy of all email that I receive. Can this be done by having a forwarder? For example: my email inbox is me@**** I have a forwarder that is tothem@**** Anytime an email comes in to me@**** it goes into my inbox so I can get it, and a copy of it goes to tothem@**** via the forwarder?
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