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Still Can't See Site Using Domain Name


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My problem ... is simple...I can't see my image .... the html is <TD WIDTH="778" HEIGHT="99" COLSPAN="1" ROWSPAN="1" background="indexfiles/indexheader1.jpg"> I put the folder called indexfiles into the public.html folder along with my html text page which is separate from the indexfiles folder ....


and I have used every available free FTP there is to find and I get the same results with each of them....lol....desperation at its best.....I am back with the original FTP I started with Core......


We have resolved you can see my site but I can't cause my ISP is not updated ....I am going with that explanation for two more days.....


this is where I am and can't see the image....http://server57.tchmachines.com/~ynzrpszs/


any suggestions as to why I can't see it ...most appreciated.....



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I was able to see them over the weekend on my Road Runner account and I can see them now on my SBC DSL account from work. It's a propagation issue and as Don said if you are still unable to see them contact your ISP and ask if they can refresh their name servers. Or better yet, change the name servers you are using from your ISP to the OpenDNS servers.

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