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How Do You Promote Your Online Business?


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Just curious how people promote a business they are running online.


I just started my busniess so I have a very limited budget.

I have business cards with the address and I'm wanting to purchase some 'car magnets'.


What else is out there?

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Thanks for the link. I'm sure the info will come in handy!


Anyone else have ideas?

You can advertise on google. Or if you have can compete with similar sites price-wise you can post your products on sites such as pricegrabber.com, bizrate.com, and nextag.com.


You can also do affiliate marketing.

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JimE, Didn't that start with the salesmen for the remedy to mononucleosis? :)


The recommendation from someone you know holds more weight than anything the company can say to convince you. Word of mouth is indeed the best.

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