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If You Could Have One Wish


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If you could have one wish, what would it be?


Rules: Your wish may not be: sexual, political, religious, it may not be world peace (and similar things) since its probably not gonna happen anyway and you can not wish for a bunch of money AND no computer stuff.


Who knows, with a little luck, your wish may come true. :)



My wish is to go and see Koalas in the wild some day.

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may i say bruce what a choice of car, personally if my wish was car based it would be a DB9 (aston martin)


my one wish...

wow it's harder than i can think!

I guess it would be to run my own club, not a nightclub in whole, more a posh club with leather sofas and mini waterfalls for a relaxing chilled night out :)

thats my "material wish" i do have another one id like more but its not the kind of one i think can be wished for as its fate.

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No computer stuff? Awwwwww there goes 75% of what I was going to wish for.


Okay. I wish I could finish my tattoo before the year is out! NEED INK....see http://www.torn-wings.net/ for photos. :D




That is, AFTER I reupload my recently updated versions, since they reverted to the backups due to recent maintainence...but I ain't complaining, I still have a site. :)

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