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Cart It - Cb Not Registered Error

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:) Hmm, after reading the threads on here about the Cart It shopping cart, I'm beginning to think I should find a different one. But, in the meantime, I gotta try and make this one work. I have searched and searched the web, trying to find a solution, and going to the Cart It website for help is worse than I AM A SPAMMER-dippin' in a pond full of snappin' turtles.


The problem: Every time I try to set up Commerce Buddy to integrate with the webserver, I get this error message "Commerce Buddy is not registered. You cannot connect to your site". I have entered the license numbers numerous times, have removed (add/remove programs) and re-downloaded the software and reinstalled it three times, thinking it might be a corrupted file somewhere.


The cgi-bin files have been installed, and the "check-install" file doesn't show any errors in the configuration settings, etc. It says the install was successful.

I followed the directions in Commerce Buddy, and thought I did everything correct. But, it still gives me the same error. It must be something I configured wrong........the path to the files, maybe? Or, could it be that the license number really isn't any good? I copy/pasted it directly from the license info I received. I read somewhere that maybe the files were uploaded as "read-only" files, so I checked that, and they weren't.

I also checked to see that they were uploaded as ASCII files, and they were, except for the cart it image files, and they uploaded in binary mode, even though I made sure the FTP was in ASCII mode. I made sure the permissions were set correctly, and that the files were in the right folders.

I don't know what else to do.


Can anyone out there help me out with this? I'd really appreciate it!




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I agree that it sounds like you have done what needs to be done. I have not used that cart system so can't advise directly.


The CartIt site does offer "personalized customer service center" when you login, but don't offer a user to user forum to support the product, like many of the others. Sometimes that type of support is more helpful than written manuals. Hate to say this but maybe your concept of changing carts would be best in the long run...

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