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  1. Hmm, after reading the threads on here about the Cart It shopping cart, I'm beginning to think I should find a different one. But, in the meantime, I gotta try and make this one work. I have searched and searched the web, trying to find a solution, and going to the Cart It website for help is worse than I AM A SPAMMER-dippin' in a pond full of snappin' turtles. The problem: Every time I try to set up Commerce Buddy to integrate with the webserver, I get this error message "Commerce Buddy is not registered. You cannot connect to your site". I have entered the license numbers numerous times, have removed (add/remove programs) and re-downloaded the software and reinstalled it three times, thinking it might be a corrupted file somewhere. The cgi-bin files have been installed, and the "check-install" file doesn't show any errors in the configuration settings, etc. It says the install was successful. I followed the directions in Commerce Buddy, and thought I did everything correct. But, it still gives me the same error. It must be something I configured wrong........the path to the files, maybe? Or, could it be that the license number really isn't any good? I copy/pasted it directly from the license info I received. I read somewhere that maybe the files were uploaded as "read-only" files, so I checked that, and they weren't. I also checked to see that they were uploaded as ASCII files, and they were, except for the cart it image files, and they uploaded in binary mode, even though I made sure the FTP was in ASCII mode. I made sure the permissions were set correctly, and that the files were in the right folders. I don't know what else to do. Can anyone out there help me out with this? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks Bluelightnin
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