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I noticed the new google video is out.



Remember we talked about postion and how it could take a year to get your site to the front page?



I went to google's new video and checked out the source of the page because we were talking about getting up in the search engine .


Notice: if you just type in VIDEO by itself in google search......


guess whose page comes right up at the top?


Yep. Google video.





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Yeah, it's funny that way. Rob's right that keywords mean next-to-nothing nowadays for placement. Put video into Yahoo and you get "Yahoo Music Videos" at #1. MSN's not too smart though... google's video is #1 there. :blink:

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Yeah. So it would seem that we are left with links and content.

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Content first, then links. Don't get so hung up on all this SEO. Make a great site with great content. If you can keep visitors then you get word of mouth and links. A good site is likely to get links from like minded sites as well.


If you get too caught up in all this, the men in white jackets will be getting you soon.

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But Rob, life is beautiful all the time in the place they take you!


You're right though. A famous SEO expert has been saying for years to:


Make a great site for your customer/visitor and don't sweat the search engines. There are things you can do to help rank but never design a page for an engine.


They thought she was crazy at first. They're starting to doubt their initial estimation.


As an example, one of my clients had 9147 unique visitors last year. Here's the breakdown of those that came from search engines:

- Google (Images) 1645

- Google 1593

- Yahoo 852

- MSN 842

- AOL 135

- Ask Jeeves 42

- and a few miscellaneous others.


And that's page views, not necessarily visitors! As you can see, the search engines aren't all they're cracked up to be. A good marketing plan will get you many more visitors than Google will for most normal sites. This client is a charter fishing boat captain in Florida. We have links on Alaskan fishing charters for the clients that want to go somewhere warm next year (and vice versa), in directories of fishing tours, on a taxidermy site, etc. The captain also has the URL on business cards and he tells every customer to have their friends come check him out. He also gets pictures and puts them up so when they go home they send out a bazillion emails saying "Hey, go to www.***.com and see the huge sailfish I caught!"


SEO is important, and it's a fun hobby if you're into that kinda thing, but it shouldn't be the biggest advertising method and should NEVER be the only method.

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