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Just curious to see if anyone is using the newest version of Dreamweaver (8). Is it worth the $ for the newest version? I am currently using MX (version 6).


any input will be richly rewarded with fine jewels and precious stones.

(and the most helpful person will receive 1,000,000 Dollhairs)

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Nope, not me. Three reasons:

1. I'm using Linux more and there is a free program named Screem that does a good job of web editing.


2. I'm doing a LOT more with CSS now so it's easier to edit straight html by hand without all those pesky tags in the way and I know how to do it so it makes sense.


3. I'd not pay that much for an upgrade with the company being bought by Adobe until I see what they do with it -- even if I was going to go forward with it.


I am looking forward to "version 9" :)

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Loaded question. Is 6 doing all you want it to do? Is the upgrade in your budget? It is sort of like me asking if natural peanut butter tastes good. Do they have a trial? If so, can you install it and not remove 6? Just as beauty is in the eye of the beerholder and so will the answers be to your question.


Oh yeah, I am using Linux, code by hand, not gonna pay that much for Adobe products and cant wait for version 19. :)


Other than that, I like it and think you should go for it.


This message has been brought to you by "Can You Tell I Am Tired?".


Seriously, I would see if I can find a place that lists the changes made from MX to 8 and see if you would even use it.

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Sorry. I haven't yet upgraded my Dreamweaver 4. Because it does what I need it to when I need it done. :)


I did like Dreamweaver MX that we used at work. But I kept 4 at home.


Maybe I'll buy a copy of MX 2004 on eBay, since they'll probably be cheaper now...

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I am one of those nuts :) who have upgraded to version 8. I was previously on MX.

I have noticed some changes in the layout and some new features, but overall it works about the same. I will mention that it does seem to work a little faster. The one feature I do like is the ability to highlight lines of code and compact them.


I do all my CSS with Topstyle so the new CSS features in 8 are completely unknown to me.


Overall from what I’ve seen and done on Version 8, I’d have to say it’s worth the few bucks it cost. :)


There’s nothing worse than trying to find extensions for an old version when all you can get are ones made for the newer version.

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