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  1. I’ve been dealing with web hosts in general since early 1996. I “stumbled” on TCH earlier this year and signed up for a basic account for my hot sauce business website. So far, everything has worked great. Any issues have been resolved in a timely manner and I’ve seen little or no downtime. I just signed up for another account to house my web design/tech service business. TCH has my business with their low cost and great tech support! Keep up the good work! Mike
  2. I need a little help here. Here’s what I want to do. I have a page, we’ll call it page.php. I want to password protect that page so that when a user clicks on it, is asks for a username & password to view it. I know this can be done to a directory with the control panel under password protect directories. However I can’t move these particular pages as they are part of an oscommerce store. Is there a simple way to do this in the CP? Can it be done? thanks in advance
  3. I am one of those nuts who have upgraded to version 8. I was previously on MX. I have noticed some changes in the layout and some new features, but overall it works about the same. I will mention that it does seem to work a little faster. The one feature I do like is the ability to highlight lines of code and compact them. I do all my CSS with Topstyle so the new CSS features in 8 are completely unknown to me. Overall from what I’ve seen and done on Version 8, I’d have to say it’s worth the few bucks it cost. There’s nothing worse than trying to find extensions for an old ve
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